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Navy Blue Ends On Black Hair

Navy Blue Ends On Black Hair #brunette #wavyhair

This pic shows that nothing emphasizes the awesomeness of black hair better than navy blue hair dye for dark hair. Just look at this pic: a little touch on the ends moves the basic hair color to a whole new level. Navy blue is a very dark blue hair color that is popular with creative ladies because of its silky and saturated texture. How about making your ends look like pure silk?
Source: xostylistxo via Instagram

Dark Blue With Purple Tones

Dark Blue With Purple Tones #brunette #highlights

There’s one rule about dyeing your hair blue: there are no rules! So when you are about to find a perfect shade for your complexion, you can be sure that one dark blue hair dye is not enough to create a masterpiece! Perceive your hair as a palette for experiments, combine different shades of blue, add more dimension by adding soft purple highlights, and do whatever you can imagine! This look is a role model for coloring experiments: it’s deep, silky, and multicolored.
Source: xostylistxo via Instagram

Midnight Blue Black Hair Color

Midnight Blue Black Hair Color #brunette #wavyhair

Midnight blue hair color is a saturated blue shade that looks as if it reflects the moonshine of the midnight sky. And the truth is, no colors can compare to blue black hair accompanied by midnight blue charm. In this pic, the black color prevails, yet the midnight cutie gives a very rich undertone, creating a very noble, exceptional look.
Source: guy_tang via Instagram

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