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Satiny Indigo Blue Hair Color

Satiny Indigo Blue Hair Color #brunette #wavyhair #bluehair

As you might have noticed, blue black hair can be different; it’s hard to guess how many color combination are born each day, as the creativity of ladies is simply endless. But there’s something that unites all the variations of such colorings: whether it’s deep, light or pastel, it always looks very flossy. The reason is that it’s the blue color, and that’s it. Though the indigo blue is very intense, it shines so brightly that it’s hard to embrace its variety at first. And once the sun shines down on the look you see above, everything will be clear: it’s simply gorgeous.
Source: hair_zaddy32 via Instagram

Black Blue Into Smooth Pink Ombre

Black Blue Into Smooth Pink Ombre #brunette #highlights

We are not going to leave you without ombre inspiration! The transition of contrastive colors that this coloring technique can give to your hair is one of the things people can watch forever, especially when it’s a glorious combination of blue, purple and pink shades. Each of these fantastic colors sets its own mood, smoothly moving to the next ombre hair hues. The dark blue hair base that graduates to faded blue, which turns into a purple-to-pink duo are a combo to copy right away!
Source: theniksters via Instagram

Dark Blue Metallic Hair Color

Dark Blue Metallic Hair Color #brunette #highlights

Here comes a bullet-proof metallic dark blue black hair. We call it so because it combines the so much trendy gunmetal gray and deep blue hair with the darker base and pastel ends. Such a color combination seems to never go out of style, as the harmony of colors is the quality that will never lose its significance.
Source: kimwasabi via Instagram

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