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Midnight Blue Highlights On Dark Hair

Midnight Blue Highlights On Dark Hair #brunette #wavyhair #bob

When we look at these midnight blue highlights, it seems like nothing can tear blue black hair combinations apart: they create unbelievably sophisticated and authentic looks. But some ladies don’t feel like sacrificing their healthy locks for a short-lasting experiment. A little tip: you don’t need to be an African American cutie to wear midnight blue hair weave. Short dark hair will be enough to try something new without damage, just make sure you install it right.
Source: kailee.halifax.hairapist via Instagram

Ocean Blue Ends

Ocean Blue Ends #bluehair #highlights

A bit of magic on your magnificently black base won’t hurt. Moreover, the perfectly matching, luxurious colors will enliven everything around, making people lose their minds in the beauty of ocean colors.
Source: guy_tang via Instagram

Indigo Blue Black

Indigo Blue Black #bluehair #ombre #brunette

Such a smooth blend of blue black colors is just to die for. To get the look, you need not just a skilled colorist; only a professional that can feel the real aesthetic of blue shades can make this idea real.
Source: jaywesleyolson via Instagram

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