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Black Cobalt Hair

Black Cobalt Hair #bluehair #brunette #ombre

Cobalt color seems to be everywhere: on furniture, accessories, clothes. Of course, it can come to your life as wonderful hair color, too! The depth and movement of the black base that gets through cobalt coloring is simply gorgeous.
Source: jaywesleyolson via Instagram

Blue Black & Midtown Magenta

Blue Black & Midtown Magenta #brunette #highlights

Midtown Magenta coloring usually features saturated pink or violet shades. As you can see, it serves as a stunning match for blue black colors, especially if they’re added selectively as highlights.
Source: makeupbyfrances via Instagram

Dark Metallic Blue Highlights

Dark Metallic Blue Highlights #bluehair #brunette #highlights

Dark blue can be anything you want it to be, and if you’re into modern metallic ideas, its striking metallic-inspired version won’t let you down. For a truly dimensional look, add the color as accents.
Source: ellendevinehair via Instagram

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