It is safe to state that the perfect outfit isn’t complete without a great haircut. For women, their hair completes their look, so imagine how fun it would be to complete your appearance with dyed bangs! Some people might think dying your bangs can be going a little too extra, but some people live for that extra as we all know how boring life can get. For those looking to dye their bangs and are searching for a little inspiration, you’ve found the source of your up-and-coming inspirations.


What are Dyed Bangs?

What are Dyed Bangs?
by @blushandmane

Just like the name implies, these types of bangs are coloured differently from the rest of the hair. For instance, if your hair is coloured brown and you decide to colour your fringe a dark shade of pink, then you have a dyed bang. It is recommended for women who want to portray themselves as bold and daring while trying attention-drawing colours. If you also don’t want to dye your entire hair, this is a significant consideration to give a trial and see if it's worth committing to.


Two-Toned Hair & Bangs

If you like your colours to look orderly and not all over the place, then opt for the two-toned hair and bangs. Your colours are basically split into two different sides of your bangs, one colour for each side. It is a chance to combine contrasting colours and just experiment with colours you’ve been considering getting for your bangs. That way, you can decide what colour might fit you if you used it on all your bangs. It is better to use colours that complement each other in this case so that they can exist side by side in harmony.

Dyed Curtain Bangs

Other than the fact that you’re rocking the trendy curtain bangs, curtain dyed bangs only are the best options available if you want to stand out from the crowd but still be trendy. This type of fringe is cute when the colour is subtle and goes well with the rest of the hair colour; people can’t help but admire it.


Rainbow Dyed Bangs

If you’re a lover of rainbow colours and want to replicate such on your bangs, then the rainbow-dyed bangs are for you. You can decide to make the colour so flashy as they transition from one colour to the other or you can tone down the colours to make them less bright and sharp. Regardless, you get to rock different colours all at once with your front bangs dyed. A useful tip is that this type of bang goes well with blonde or black hair colours.

Short Hair with Dyed Bangs

Regardless of the length of your hair and how it is cut, we can easily state that short hair dyed bangs are quite a thing. They might not be exactly topping the list of dyed fringes currently trending, but they sure do have their own charms. You can go for a monotone colored fringe hair or a duotone; anyone you feel like slaying at the time.


Coloured Bangs and Face Framing Locks

As face framing bangs fall effortlessly in the front of your face in layers, using colours on them just helps to highlight your facial features while adding volume to your hair. This will no doubt draw most eyes to your face but who cares if you’re having a blast of your life? It is suggested to use a single colour for your face-framing fringe such that it stands out despite blending with the rest of your hair. If you, however, want to use more than one colour, it's very much possible to still look good.

Mullet with Front Dyed Bangs

As we all know how the mullet haircut is done with short hair on the sides which then gets longer at the top, coming down to the back of the hair like a tail, dying your short front hair is pretty much another way to rock this style. Regardless of using sharp or dull colours, the end result is still always worth the trial!

Black and Grey Dyed Hair Combo

For women who don’t vibe with bright colours and only like monotone colours like black and white, you can get the black and grey dyed hair combo. There is definitely a different feel to it but that doesn’t change the fact that people can still rock it beautifully. The colour grey is quite soothing and doesn’t shout, making it the perfect choice for people who want to try dying their bangs but don’t want to go for something extravagant.


Ombre Colored Hair with Bright Dyed Bangs

These particular fringe dyed bangs scream flashy! Of course, anything ombre-related always turns out pleasing to the eyes from nail design to hair colours. As this involves moving from one light shade to a dark one, it’s no surprise something majestic can be created from it. The outcome most times look like a work of art and is nice with curtain bangs or even bottleneck bangs.

Undyed Bangs with Colored Hair Base

This category of dyed hair with bangs that are with no colour is also worth giving a try. Instead of dying your fringe, you can colour the rest of your hair while leaving your bangs out of it. It's like putting no effort into the bags but the rest of the hair does the work. Because of the fact that the bangs are left untouched, they won’t go unnoticed because it still stands out from the rest of the hair.

How to Dye Bangs Only: The Step-by-Step Guide

Although the dyeing of bangs might seem like something that can only be done at the hands of professionals, with the right tips and guidelines, you just might be able to do it yourself.

The first thing is to choose what colour you’ll love to use on your bangs. Deciding on a colour might seem easy but is a decision that can be quite hard to arrive at. If you however succeed in finally picking a colour or colours, you can move to the next stage of performing a patch test.

This is very important, in that it helps to know if you might have an allergy to the dye being used. Do this 48 hours prior to when you wish to dye your hair by putting a little quantity behind your ear. You can watch out for reactions to conclude whether or not to move on with the dye.

The next step is to section your hair and also prepare your skin by applying petroleum jelly to the area where the dye would be applied. Finally, you can bleach your hair by applying the dye and massaging it into your hair gently. Wash your hair after the time provided in the manual and you have your new look!

Have you found any dyed bangs worth trying or you’re still sitting comfortably on the fence without deciding? Regardless of whatever decision you reach, we’ve provided you with options you can try out whether or not your hair is short or long! Also, what’s more, is that achieving this trendy look isn’t as tasking as it seems, so do give it a trial!