Most women love to complete their look by grabbing a brush and gel to control the edges hair in a sleek and swirly style. It makes them look cute yet chic as it is the perfect finishing touch to their hair look. Whether you’re a total beginner or you want to learn more about styling your edges, we’ve provided all the necessary information needed about creating the perfect edge to complement your style.


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What are Hair Edges?

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Also known as baby hair, edges are little hair strands at the outer region of the hairline of your hair. It is a common trend among women of black and brown skin tones who have over the years converted their baby hairs into artistic works. It is considered the finishing touch to the appearance of your look, and so most women spend minutes in front of the mirror styling it to look as natural as possible.


What Brought about the Hair Edges Trend?

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Essence Magazine has stated that the styling of the edges of one’s hair can be dated back to the early 1920s. This unique artistry was first seen on an influential woman known as Josephine Baker, who was a singer, civil rights activist and dancer. She had carefully styled her hair edges in a way that was swooped down perfectly and highlighted her face.

Around the 1960s, during the Civil Right Movement by black people fighting for their rights and freedom, a lot of black women were seen rocking their Afros with their baby hairs gelled. This made the edges hair trend a little. Later around the 1990s, baby hairs were popular among black celebrities and when the Mexican-American Chola aesthetics became well known, the Latinas began to look at baby hair more favourably.

Today, black women are confidently rocking their laid edges as it has become widely recognized and embraced as the expression of one’s self. It’s a classy way for a black woman to make her curly edges look more presentable and chic.

Artistic Ways to Style your Hair Edges

Styling and creating cute edges hair can be attained in so many ways. Depending on the style of your hair, how your baby hair is gelled may also differ. A few recommendations for various hairstyles are listed below.


Soft Thin Waves

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The soft thin wave edges look so natural and effortlessly made. Whether you have your wavy hair falling on your back or you have your hair packed into a thick bun, this style would work well regardless. You just need little strands of your baby hair to create the thin waves; one each on both sides, saving you time.

Swirly Baby Curves

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The swirly baby curves is another option that requires more time and patience to achieve. Suitable for knotless braids, your edges can be divided into smaller segments and curled to appear like a newborn's hair. It’s cute but requires stable hands for better results.


Thick and Messy Waves

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Not ready to waste time, creating little swirls and curves then this is for you. You can curve all your baby hair in one big swoop or two and the outcome is so pleasing to see. For a start, you can try it on your cornrows and see whether you like it.

Sleek Water Waves

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Water waves are quite easy to style either with gel or water toppled with hair mousse. These edges originate from the waves you witness at a beach and so it’s fun to create. It easily frames your face and best compliments hairs that are long with lots of bouncy curls.

Edges with Micro Swirls

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Want something more subtle and less intense, then lay your edges with micro swirls at the tip. Other than adult box braids, this can be styled on kids braids. Very easy with little time consumption.


Edges with Baby Hair Loops

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This is almost similar to water waves but combines baby hair loops at the tip. It’s not quite common and is a fun way to get creative with your edges hair. You can rock it with cornrows or braids to result in a softer appearance.

Thick and Long Curls

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Another thick edge that can be styled from the comfort of your home is the thick and long curls edges. Requires more baby hair than usual and the curve is very slight with baby curls ending it. You can then add long thin waves to the extra hair close to your ear. Style this easily on your kids' hair and make them more stylish than usual.

Mini Spiral Edges

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When it comes to consistency, mini spiral edges top its game. This is just like the little waves you see at a beach that keeps going on and on with no end. It’s another innovative hair edge that would show off your artistry and draw attention to your hair. Worth trying out!


Sticky Finger Waves

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More like sticky bangs, the sticky finger waves are best paired with short haircuts. It’s quite tricky to style, so it’s advisable to consult a professional if you wish to get one. Almost like the 90s-inspired styles, sticky finger edges are classic and give off a more professional vibe.

Soft Edges with Color Accents

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This is creativity at its peak. To be unique, you have to go beyond the usual and adding colors to your edges is one of the ways to go. For better harmony, you can add a faint tone of the color of your braids for instance, to your baby hair. It’s not something you get to see every day and thus very pleasing.

How To Style Your Edges in 4 Simple Steps

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Ready to style your edges? Then follow these four (4) simple steps below:

  1. For a start, you have to separate your baby hair from the rest of your hair using a thin comb. Comb the hair out and lay it in the direction you want it styled. For better control, you can add little water to keep it down.

  2. The next step is to create the curls or waves you’d like as your edges. This is the fun part and it’s where you get creative. Make use of natural boar bristles and edge control to swoop your edges into shape. The type of edge control used, whether light or thick, should be dependent on your hair texture.

  3. Now’s the time to grab your tail comb and add the necessary details to create baby curl tips. This comb will enable you to attain the swoop and swirls needed for your hair edge type. You can add gel to the tip for better control if it’s not curving as expected.

  4. Once you’re done styling your desired edges for your sleek ponytail or braids, you can then finalize everything with hairspray. Note that this step can be skipped as the gel is enough to keep your hair in place but, if you want extra moulding, you can apply the spray lightly. After this, tie a scarf around the edges of your hair for a few minutes and you’re ready to slay.


Things to Note to Keep Your Hair Edges Healthy

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In order to grow hair edges, patience is very important. Even after growing it, you still have the duty to maintain and keep it healthy. This is why you need to learn the few tips and healthy habits needed to protect your hair edges.

The first thing is to try and avoid tight hairstyles that put pressure on your baby hair. Tight hair would stress your hairline and cause your baby hair to be uprooted, harming your edges.

Another thing to avoid is touching your edges often. They are quite delicate and continuous touching could lead to the removal of your hair little by little.

You should also have a silk bonnet or scarf to cover your hair at night. Silk material is more preferable for your hair because other materials would absorb your hair's moisture and cause it to dry.

Finally, you should brush your hair cautiously and take extra care when dealing with your edges. You should also moisturize them while moisturizing your hair to avoid breakage caused as a result of dry hair.

Edges Hair vs Sticky Hair

A recent trend on TikTok had shown a white lady who laid her edges and claimed to have created it, naming it ‘sticky bangs’

From what was clearly seen, the sticky bangs were no different from hair edges appropriated to the black culture. So in reality, sticky hair is basically the same as edges and could pass as a synonym for it.

FAQ: Edges Hair

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What are the best brushes to lay your edges with?

As edges are also baby hairs, it’s best to use edge control brushes designed for such a type of hair. You could also use a toothbrush if you’re in haste as it works like magic.

What impact does the baby hair trend have on the hair industry?

As a trend started by black women in the hair industry, baby hairs have proven to be an accessory that would continue to exist for a long time. They’ve displayed the beauty of black women’s hair and the creativity of blacks when it comes to art.

Is laying your edges damaging to your hair?

This is all dependent on a number of factors. For instance, the styling product you choose to use could be bad for your hair. Also, laying your edges with gel too often could cause flakes and breakage. It’s best to use healthy products and also try to keep the styling to a minimum.

Most women spend their last minutes styling their edges hair. It’s like the finishing touch to their hair look and the result is always reflected in their appearance. It’s a fun way to get creative with your hair and also a way to appreciate the black hair culture. What’s more, is that edges aren't limited to a certain category of persons but can be rocked by anyone who so desires. So pick up your brush and get artistic with any of the styles mentioned above.