Hair Bun For Short Hair Updo & Half-Up Ideas You Should Try Right Now

Put Your Locks Up With Hair Bun For Short Hair

Those who say that getting hair bun for short hair is impossible are going to change their minds today! Besides our eternal beauty, women’s creativity has no limits, too. So if some special occasion is just around the corner, don’t worry: you don’t need to have knee-length hair to create a lovely updo, and our ideas will prove that to you.


There are even more styling options for your short locks than you could ever imagine: casual low buns, messy evening updos, fascinating half-ups, chignon bun hairstyles and lots of inspiring ideas will introduce your short haircut in a new light.

Delicate Messy Bun With Flowers

Even though most women tend to think that getting an updo with short hair it’s rather a struggle, they come in different ways. And the best thing is, they usually take minutes to get in done. In other words, you’re even luckier than those who flaunt with long locks. This low messy bun with flowers looks so modern and classy that it’s hard to believe how simple it is. A bit curly hair is twisted, and some strands are pulled off for a fuller effect. Voila!

Source: foxanddoll via Instagram


Fascinating Braided High Bun

There’s one trick on how to make a high bun with short hair! If you want to reveal it, it’s time to ask braids for help. Braided hair is more flexible for styling, and with right braiding technique, you can get the most out of your short locks, creating a special updo.

To get such an amazing braided high bun, the braids should go all over your head, crossing and twisting into a little bun on the top. Once you get this cutie, don’t forget to give it a coat of hairspray, to make sure your braids won’t fall down.

Source: stephhstyles via Instagram


Accessorized Low Bun For Special Occasions

When your hair is short, make sure that you’ve got enough hair accessories. You need to be creative: if your length is not enough to put up all your hair together, some embellishments will come in handy. This subtle updo with wavy front hairs is worth a walk down the red carpet: the neatly accessorized side of your hairdo will make it even more unique.

Source: tonyastylist via Instagram


Braids Into Half Bun

This hair bun for short hair knows how to diversify your daily looks! A simple updo is a good way to add something new to your casual hairstyles. Let’s set the focus to the top of your head. Why don’t braid the crown and twist its top layer around, creating a stunning braided composition? As for the lower sections, you can either leave them as they are or get some waves.

Source: chloenbrown via Instagram


Half Up Messy Bun

Women with exquisite taste know that significant hairdos aren’t always complicated. The simpler it looks, the more elegant silhouette it gives to you. Besides, messiness in the new neatness, so you won’t ever go wrong if you add a hint of it. One of the effective ways to tame your fine hair, giving it a modern and chic look, is to bring this idea to life.

Brush your hair and separate off the top layer. Then, twist it messily, securing the little messy bun with a hair elastic. Let the lower layer be neat and well-balanced and leave the top a bit tousled for total harmony.

Source: chloenbrown via Instagram

High Voluminous Bun

Here comes probably the most gorgeous and striking idea that we, lazy bones, can have only in our dreams. Although it’s something that we can’t do before a walk with our friends; it’s worth all the time and efforts. To create such a voluminous bun, you will need to get lots of little waves, twist them into a high bun, and then add definition by pulling the edges of every single lock. Time-consuming, yet so irresistible!

Source: sasha__esenina via Instagram

Elegant Bun With Tiara For Brides

Nothing can stop you from wearing everybody’s favorite updo for your big day; your short hair is not an obstacle. Of course, it depends on length, but hair bun for short hair is usually styled low, to incorporate all the hair and be able to make your ‘do immaculate.

A couple of minutes, beautiful tiara and several bobby pins are all you need to complete your bride look. For special occasions, it’s better to play around with the crown, making it voluminous and dramatic. Don’t forget to leave some lovely face-framing strands!

Source: gabrielatannusjoias via Instagram


Girly Low Braided Bun

Braids make everything look lovelier and girlier. Isn’t that the way ladies want to look this summer? Low braided bun will keep your beautiful face open, and your hair won’t bother you in windy weather. Two side braids that meet each other around your neck and twist around the base to create a little bun are a look to steal. A little tip: for this hairdo, your hair shouldn’t necessarily be fresh-dried; second-day hair, cleaned up with dry shampoo is enough.

Source: daphnenarcy via Instagram

Small Messy Low Bun For A Date Look

There’s no way of how to put short hair in a messy bun better than this delicate idea: some wave mousse and a couple of pins are the keys to this loveliness. If you want to impress a man on your first date, this look is exactly what you need. Don’t brush your wavy hair, pin the hair on top in the way it looks fuller, twist your lower hair into a little bun and pull some strands for a messier look. That’s it!

Source: rachaelharris_hairmakeupbeauty via Instagram

Half Bun For Wavy Hair

Don’t get desperate if you have uncontrollably thin and short hair. It’s no secret that for short bob haircuts, putting all of your hair up can be a great deal, as it can simply come out uneven. So why don’t you opt for a half-up? Look how nicely you can make a cool, cute bun out of the hair on top.

Secure the bun with a fashionable clip and be ready to rock your days like a queen. As for the thin-hair disaster, don’t worry; waves are enough to bring the needed volume and fullness.

Source: hairbyelm via Instagram


Easy Low Bun

Even the simplest updo won’t look ordinary with such an unbelievable hair color! Just imagine how lovely a regular twist will look if it’s made out of silvery blonde locks that go back to fancy dark roots. You know how perfectly blonde and dark colors match: spice up your simple hairdo with some twisted locks on the top to enhance the dimension created by these two amazing shades.

Source: hair_vera via Instagram

Lovely Braided Low Bun

Once you embellish your little bun with braided elements, you won’t be able to take eyes off your own hairdo. Braids are a fantastic complement to any hairstyle. This hair bun for short hair is quite versatile, so you can wear it for any occasion. The mohawk-like braided crown will add a lot of volume to your hair, and a little bun that sits under your braid will calm down the rest of your locks. To keep your hair in place, give it some coats of spray.

Source: harleyannartistry via Instagram

High Messy Bun With Stylish Accessory

Ladies who don’t feel like wearing super neat and clean hairdos will like this idea. It’s simple, again, but it has something wonderful. Almost non-brushed hair is put in a high and messy bun, leaving some pieces of hair beyond the updo. The point is to give individuality to your hairstyle, and this pic shows how you can do that with a hair clip.

Source: mykitsch via Instagram


Little Half Bun For Short Wavy Hair

Waves are another good friends to women that make our hairstyles look gorgeous. How about you to combine lovely wavy locks with a high bun? Sounds awesome, right? You can section off the lower layers of your hair to wave it. With the top layer, create a high ponytail and wrap it over the elastic, pulling the hair to add body.

Source: thy.time via Instagram

Accessorized Messy Low Bun

A hair bun for short hair that features floral accessories is a hairstyle to remember. The contrast of clean, volumizing crown and messily twisted bun creates a well-balanced look. And when it’s adorned with flowers, it turns into a perfect evening updo that you should copy right now!

Source: alexisbutterflyloft via Instagram

Chic Ballerina Bun

The ballerina bun is the classic in its purest form. This hairstyle is both graceful and comfortable to wear. Do you want your look to express the best side of simplicity? If the answer is yes, you need a donut. Another good thing about this hairdo is that it can be done on any length: just pull your short locks through the donut and see how easily you can get a refined look.

Source: gemmanicholsmakeupartistry via Instagram


Double Space Buns For Short Hair

Two buns with short hair are better than one, that’s for sure! Remember the idea of wavy half up with a high bun? Good things come in pairs, and this hairstyle is living proof. Those who keen on sporting youthful hairstyles will fall in love with these two cute space buns that sit on sweet wavy hair.

Source: thy.time via Instagram

Wavy And Messy Twisted Updo

Evening updos like this can reflect your inner femininity and beauty. Once you put your hair up, your hairstyle will open up your beautiful face, shoulders, and clavicles. With this wavy, messily styled updo, you will be the brightest woman on the evening party. There’s only one rule: twist your hair as messily as possible, pulling wavy strands to create a voluminous silhouette.

Source: styles_by_reneemarie via Instagram

High Bun With Headscarf

The familiar high bun won’t look too simple if you add a touch of creativity to it. Some ladies don’t even know that once they secure the hairdo with their favorite headscarf, they will get themselves a perfect and versatile hair bun hairstyle. With this accessory, you can pull the crown to add some volume, while keeping the top secure.

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Cute Little Space Buns

Just a pair of little twists on the sides can change the mood of your day for the better. Let your hair add some fun to your style: create two tiny space buns, setting them as high as possible. The best thing is, this girly hairdo can nicely finish any outfits.

Source: via Instagram

Faux Hawk Buns With Hair Accessory

The faux hawk buns hairstyle is here to open up your beautiful face! The fascinating bubble top, embellished with a fashionable accessory, will keep all of your hair tight and your face open. Spice up the style with a pop makeup and be ready to captivate!

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Half Up Bun With Bangs

Bangs have always been a nice way to freshen up a casual look. So why don’t combine them with the good-old hair bun? For very short hair, it can be a half-bun or half-knot. Make sure that the rest of your hair is styled neatly and that your bangs don’t overlap your forehead fully. Voila! A simple, yet gorgeous look is ready.

Source: sichenmakeupholic via Instagram


Sleek Low Bun

Minimalist hairstyles will never become outdated. How simple and neat styles can lose their popularity? They can be a wonderful finish for evening looks, as well as make you feel comfortable with your hair. Simplicity is priceless, isn’t it?

Source: annarussett via Instagram

Twist Braids Into High Bun

Mixing different hairstyles is always fun and unique. And you know that braids are better than all the world’s accessories. You can braid your short hair, starting from the sides and going towards the crown, and twist them into a high hair bun.

Source: stephhstyles via Instagram

Are all these ideas enough to prove you that hair bun for short hair does exist? Now you know that your short hair doesn’t mean limitations. Moreover, you can make it look even sexier than hairstyles with long hair! Since you’re inspired enough, it’s time for experiments: go and give these ‘dos a shot!