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High Bun With Headscarf

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High Bun With Headscarf #hairbun #shorthair #bunhairstyles #hairstyles #blondehair

The familiar high bun won’t look too simple if you add a touch of creativity to it. Some ladies don’t even know that once they secure the hairdo with their favorite headscarf, they will get themselves a perfect and versatile hair bun hairstyle. With this accessory, you can pull the crown to add some volume, while keeping the top secure.

Cute Little Space Buns

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Cute Little Space Buns #hairbun #shorthair #bunhairstyles #hairstyles #blondehair

Just a pair of little twists on the sides can change the mood of your day for the better. Let your hair add some fun to your style: create two tiny space buns, setting them as high as possible. The best thing is, this girly hairdo can nicely finish any outfits.

Faux Hawk Buns With Hair Accessory

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Faux Hawk Buns With Hair Accessory #hairbun #shorthair #bunhairstyles #hairstyles #accessory

The faux hawk buns hairstyle is here to open up your beautiful face! The fascinating bubble top, embellished with a fashionable accessory, will keep all of your hair tight and your face open. Spice up the style with a pop makeup and be ready to captivate!

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