Classy To Cute Hairdos For Long Hair

Girls With Long Hair Are The Lucky Ones

Do you know that hairdos for long hair were made to make you proud of your beautiful hair? Believe it or not, but girls with long hair can take over the world: they know what the real femininity is. You may get surprised by these loud words towards long hair, but it’s actually what history of women’s beauty says. Long hair has always been a symbol of natural beauty. So you should treat it with respect!


Yes, sometimes usual things make us feel boring, and girls tend to cut their hair short to let some changes in their lives. But the truth is that you don’t have to be THAT radical to add something new to your life. Our modern world changes its trends more and more by the minute, so there’s no way you’ve tried everything. We will show you the latest ideas on how to style your long hair so that you will fall back in love with it. Let’s go!

Cool Hairdos Ideas For Long Hair

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When searching for hair updos, girls often want to find not just beautiful hairstyles: they are looking for easy ideas, too. Wise women know the importance of their time, that’s why we would like to start from easy hair updos for long hair. At first sight, it’s hard to believe that the girls we see in these photos didn’t spend a lot of time to get such amazing hairdos. But if you look more attentively, you will realize that they are not so complicated. A messy updo with framing wavy locks is actually the easiest hairdo you could ever see, you just have to do a bun and pull on some locks to create a fuller effect. Accessorising your hair can make it look special: a stylish band is a good choice.

Your hair can be your own accessory, just do a hair bow! Braided hairdos are the most popular ones, and there’s no need to explain why: you can see it with your own eyes.


French Twist For Long Hair

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Some girls don’t even know that the French twist also relates to easy updos for long hair. When it comes to a special occasion, we don’t care how much our hairstyle will cost, as we just want everything to be perfect. What if we tell you that not all amazing hairstyles are expensive? And if you care about your time, relax: there are lots of formal hairstyles that can save your time, and the French twist is the most adorable among them. Look at these cute updos for long hair. They look so nice and elegant, aren’t they? All you need to do is to twist your hair on the back and secure it with several bobby pins. Yes, simplicity is genius. Here is a little tip for an unbelievable evening look: leave some front locks and wave them a bit to add some romance to your hairstyle.


Braided Hairdos For Long Hair

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Now it’s time to talk about braids. It’s been so many years since our childhood, and we still love them! Some things will never go out of style, that’s for sure. Braids have always been a good complement to any look, and if you are about to create a summer-inspired girly hairstyle, look at these braided hairstyles for long hair: each one is totally magnificent. Girls who are tired of their loose hair can opt for a loose braided updo with a twisted bun on the back. It looks so special, isn’t that the hairdo we all want to get? If you are into neat braided looks, the second pic can be your source of inspiration. And those who are proud of their long hair, show that to everyone: get yourself a braided half updos that will both show off the beauty of your long hair and keep your face open.


Half-Up Hairstyles For Long Hair

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Your long hair is the gift sent from above, don’t cut it, girl! There are so many cute things to do with it. How about pretty half-up hairstyles to adorn your daily look? We know how it’s important for girls with long hair to always find new ways of styling it, as the longer your hair, the more work your imagination has. Don’t worry if you run out of ideas, we’ve already found some simple hairstyles for everyday for you. A half-up fishtail braid, waterfall braid, a regular braid on the back: just pick the idea you like the most and bring it to life! These pictures are just amazing. It’s time to take your own picture of a gorgeous half-up hairdo!


Ponytails For Long Hair

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It seems like there’s no a woman who is not familiar with ponytails. Girls often do them just to gather their hair in a convenient way, but how about you to flaunt with a ponytail on a party? We just want you to know that easy hairstyles can be even more versatile than you expect. For example, look at the first picture: it’s a real mixture of a voluminous wavy ponytail and braids. Can you call this hairstyle plain-looking? Well, it’s just a ponytail combined with braid, but it’s so amazing that we can’t take our eyes off it. Don’t disregard classics! A classic high ponytail can be a good choice for a walk with your friends. And if you are looking for cool hairstyles for a party, the wavy ponytail with gentle locks is the look to steal.

Buns For Long Hair

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We will never get tired of buns: you can’t have too much of delicacy, right? Buns associate with the most wonderful caissons: prom nights, weddings, first dates. And when your special day is just around the corner, you can’t wait to wear your beautiful dress and favorite shoes. You know how it’s important to find a proper hairstyle, as everything in your look should match perfectly. Remember: there are no better updos for long hair than buns. These ideas are the reflection of women’s femininity, each one is worth a try. You can adorn your formal updo with floral elements or leave it as it is. What would you choose: a voluminous bun adorned with flowers, a classic twisted bun, or a messy cutie?

Hairstyles With Knots

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What can be lovelier than knots? They don’t hide the beauty of your long hair, gathering your front locks into a cute little knot. Besides seeking a beautiful look, girls would like to find some easy-to-do hairstyles that will also be convenient to wear. Imagine: your long hair flatters in the wind, and all your locks are kept away from your face. Isn’t that delightful? Top knots know how to adorn your windy promenade. And you know what? There is a formal variation of the knot, just look at the low knot hairstyle in the last pic: waves are twisted so gloriously! A low knot bun is something that every girl should try. Prepare to catch people’s eyes: these hairstyles turn heads!


Cool Side Styling Braid

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These braid styles will suit brave and daring girls. With this hairstyle, you can conquer the whole world with your beauty!

Classic Halo Updos

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You are going to an important event and want to be impressive? In this case, choose one of our variants of hairstyles, these halo braids will add refinement and sophistication to your look.

Messy Crown Updos

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It only looks complicated to do crown braid styles. You just need to know how to do French and fishtail braids, then use some pins and hairspray to pick up braids and lay in a circle around the head.


Natural Flowers For Updos

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This season you can take advantage of what nature gives you: just decorate any hairstyle with flowers, and you will see how your usual hairdo changes.