Summer Half Up Half Down Ponytail Trends You`ll Love

A half up half down ponytail is a retro style which becomes popular again this season. The beauty of it lies in the way it looks. The artful messiness and laid-back look are the key points of the perfect half-up, half-down style. Just make sure you do not overuse it, as there are some formal occasions you should skip wearing this hair style to.


Braided Hairstyles For Hot Summer

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A ponytail braid is perfect for those with thick and long hair. The reason is that it requires a lot of hair not to look too flat and shapeless.


Sleek Ponytail Looks

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A sleek ponytail can be worn in countless ways. But with a half-up, half-down sleek pony, you needn’t worry if your hair gets frizzy or tangled. It will only spice it up!

Fresh and Bright Colors

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A midi half up ponytail is great for those who seek a careless look. In the combination with some trendy, bright colors in your hair, the result will be breath-taking.


Best Ombre Styles

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If you have just got an awesome ombre and want to emphasize it, a half up pony is the best option. Adding some large curls will only make the emphasis stronger.

Elegant Ways to Wear Half Ponytails

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Wearing a half-up, half-down pony to a party is a sheer satisfaction. Aside from the experimentations with your hair, you can experiment with the adornments. Let’s say glitter?


Braids Into Ponytails

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When it comes to diversifying a ponytail, there’s no better match than braids. Some girls still tend to think that these two are too simple. So here come unbelievably stylish duos featuring top braids that transform into ponytails. Creative textured ponytails, who could ask for more?

Long Wavy Half Ponytails

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Although there’s nothing complicated about waves, they act like a magic wand that turns all hairstyles into feminine masterpieces. That is to say, whether you’d like to add a girly flare to your look or you want your half up half down ponytail appear more sophisticated and festive, you won’t go wrong with waves.

Ponytail With Hair Ties

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Hair accessories are another easy yet striking way to individualize your ponytail half up. It can be a fancy headscarf wrapping over an elastic, a scrunchie adding tons of cuteness to the look or stylish barrettes holding the ‘do. It’s all up to your imagination!


Bright Half Ponytails Looks

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Today, nothing can stop you from being creative with your hair. You can experiment with colors, textures, and even glitters, thus making your hair look stand out in the crowd. Therefore, when you want your half up to be absolutely special, don’t forget to let your imagination run wild.

Sleek & Straight Ponytails

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A perfectly sleek and straight texture can also move your half up to the whole new level. Make sure that your hair is smooth and has no tangles, finish the look with a soft coat of hair spray, and voila! A versatile, elegant hairstyle for all occasions is ready.