Meet The Feminine Side Of High Fade Haircut

Women Can Wear High Fade Haircut Better!

A high fade haircut is no longer a men’s stylish privilege! No wonder if this bald, eye-catching haircut is mostly associated with bearded guys; they were the first ones to pull it off. But now, it’s time to flip it around and realize that stylishness and good taste have no limitations, and you are about to take a fresh look at haircuts that were supposed to be chosen by guys. Nowadays, women prefer to keep it short and attractive, and modern mods know that there is no better way than getting a fancy shaved hairstyle. Mohawks, clean fades, chic pixies; the trends of 2018 are waiting for you to try! See how you can make your days more stylish, disregarding your hair type and hair color. Let’s keep it short, ladies!

Curly High Top Fade

The truth is, women who don’t even know what a fade haircut is are missing out a complete life! The cleanly tapered sides and back create a smooth graduation of hair length, giving a very clean look to a hairstyle. And you can see with your own eyes that pixies for curly hair have never been sweeter: the high fade does the talking. Source: tedrachonte via Instagram


Side Slicked Style With Faded Sides

Neatly styled hair is the first step towards elegance. It can be different, and faded sides with side slicked top can also exemplify this graceful quality. Girls with short hair who like both tomboy-inspired and minimalist looks will love this cute combination of the neat top and shaved sides. Source: miguelpauta via Instagram


Drop Fade Haircut

There’s something more dramatic than a regular fade: the badass drop fade will give you more depth around the crown, gradually going lower around your front hairline. Have no idea how to spice up your pixie? This platinum cutie with buzzed sides will help you out. Source: milkandhonei via Instagram


Trendy Red Mohawk

Mohawks are here to make you be noticed! And if you are about to be in the spotlight 24/7, you won’t make it without bright colors on top of your head. Such a red hair color won’t leave you without attention, that’s for sure. Those who feel that this style is too drastic can opt for a faux hawk with more length on the sides, which is less “dramatic” for daily looks. Source: stepthebarber via Instagram


High Fade Cut With Hair Tattoo

The more colors, the better! This is the rule that every bold girl follows: if you are not afraid of big color changes, this idea will change your life for the better. A bright whitish top mixed with dark sides is a hair combo to remember. A little tip: a hair tattoo on the faded sides will make a real statement. Source: miguelpauta via Instagram

Chic Fade Haircut

Let’s get rid of the times when high and tight styles were meant only for men. This chic idea is here to prove that there are no hairstyles that women can’t pull off. So if you like this green fade haircut with cool darker roots, call your hairstylist and ask for a high fade. That will look lovely, we promise! Source: leanneb0w via Instagram

Side-Part Fade Haircut

When you ask your hairstylist to for a fade haircut, he or she will probably offer you to leave the hair on top a bit longer. Yes, most short hairstyles keep your hairline visible, thus making your hair look more immaculate. You can style the hair on top with a comb, in any direction you want, just make sure that your hair is parted neatly. Source: hagopart via Instagram


Short Textured Pixie With Faded Sides

There’s no need to tell you how desirable thick hair is. But only those who have it know that it can be really troublesome sometimes. The shorter your haircut is, the fewer styling problems you have, especially when you deal with thick locks. And this pixie is a fantastic weapon to show them who’s boss. The sides are buzzed, the top looks as sassy as a Mohawk, the texture does its own thing, and the fringe serves as an exclamation point. Source: luiiisc_ via Instagram

High Fade Haircut With Long Bangs

Bangs will never go out of style. No woman in the world doesn’t know how handy they are: they frame our faces, making us appear younger and more attractive. They are fancy, and that’s enough to make you fall in love with them. Plus, they get on well with any fade cut, and this high fade haircut with long bangs is living proof. Source: lena_piccininni via Instagram

Long Pixie + High Fade Haircut

True pixie lovers will be delighted by this duo, as there’s nothing impossible about fade hairstyles: they can embellish anything, and your pixie is not an exception. The hairstyle you see in this pic is a long variation of the popular short haircut for ladies, finished with cleanly faded sides. Grayish tint makes this look even more beautiful, do you get what we mean? Source: tatacamaleoa via Instagram


Cool Haircut With Shaved Stripes

How about you to diversify your longer hair on top? Hawk hairstyles for ladies are unique as they are, but if you feel like rocking your days with something that can really make heads turn, some shaved stripes will come in handy; it’s a tattoo that you can change by the time, which is awesome! Source: via Instagram

Fade Cut For Natural Hair

Even though styling natural hair requires a lot of time and attention, nothing looks more impressive than such hairstyles. Curls make men lose their minds, and women get envy when they see a curly girl. Have you ever thought of a fade cut as a new look for your curly locks? Words are unnecessary; just look at this natural fade haircut. Source: astoldbybrittanyd via Instagram

Short Spiky Mohawk

Short mohawks with spiky top, who could ask for more? As well as a classic mohawk, they look extraordinary. But since the hair on top is shorter, this hairstyle is less splashy. Want to keep it short with a glamorous touch? This look is the one to steal. Source: dillahajhair via Instagram


Short Layered Pixie With Faded Sides

Hairdressers created layered haircuts to put an end to thin hair troubles. As for fades, they were created to emphasize the beauty of your cut. No matter what cut you have, there will always be a place for a fade. So how about forgetting about thin hair and looking trendy at the same time? This short layered pixie is the twofer you are looking for. Source: rodrigo.circus via Instagram

Short Blonde Mohawk

Let’s go back to a short mohawk. The best thing is, it looks unbelievable on any hair color, so nothing can stop you from playing around with your style. Pale blonde hair with contrastive faded sides create a totally lovely look. Remember: shaved stripes won’t hurt! Source: dillahajhair via Instagram

Faux Hawk Pixie

Once you get your sides closely faded or shaved, you won’t be able to take your eyes off your brand new pixie: it will turn into a striking faux hawk! Do you want your hairstyle to scream that you have a perfect taste? You can simply enhance the texture on top with a semi-shine pomade. With this easy tip you won’t ever get bored with your haircut, and if you’d like to update it, some bright hair color is a must-try. Source: miguelpauta via Instagram


Pompadour With High Fade

Pompadours are all the rage today! Don’t get surprised; they know everything about daring. Girls who are brave enough to sport such an exceptional hairdo should be inspired enough, so meet the classy, well-shaped feminine take at the classic pompadour with almost bald high fade and awesome shaved design. Source: staygold31 via Instagram

Spiky Punk Haircut

Those who say that punk is dead have never seen this spiky hairdo! If you are about to show how sassy you are, you know how your hair should look like. This idea works best for girls with fine hair, creating quite a voluminous, dapper silhouette. Source: monefik via Instagram

Braided Pixie With High Fade

We love the combination of short and long hair, and a high fade is one of the best ways to bring in a beautiful transition. Look at this braided pixie cut hat slowly fades into faded sides. Doesn`t that look sharp, fresh and stylish? You can experiment so much with it. Source: lena_piccininni via Instagram


Skin Fade Hawk

How stylish this Mohawk looks with a nice skin fade? Such a transition of length is a beautiful way to enhance the beauty of your hair and face features. We love the creativity it brings to the look and how gorgeous it looks nearly on every woman. Are you brave enough to try it? Source: monster_eddiejr via Instagram

Faded Long Pixie With Shaved Stripes

A pixie haircut is one of the trendiest haircuts that you can find. It never loses its actuality especially when it is combined with faded sides. Are you a fan of such a hairstyle but would love to bring something fresh to it? Think of adding shaved stripes to the faded sides. Such small details will bring such a significant change to the way you look. Source: mari_csousa via Instagram

Short Faded Pixie

A pixie haircut looks so good with a faded technique. Don`t you agree? There are so many variations, but this one is the classic. A short, neat hairstyle with faded sides will be looking bomb with any color you choose. So experiment with length, and you won`t regret it. Source: dillahajhair via Instagram


Faded Crop Haircut With Shaved Stripe

This trend has come from men`s haircuts and is not going anywhere this season. Look at this shortly cropped fringe that is for sure the main detail of such a hairstyle. Would you like to try it? We are sure that you will love how it changes your appearance. Such a small technique will be looking so good in the duo with a shaved stripe. Combine a few trends, and you will love what you get in the result. Source: monefik via Instagram

Asymmetrical Bob With High Fade

If you are a fan of the longer hair but still would love to experiment with fading, we have a suggestion that will for sure become your choice next time you visit your hairdresser. Leave your hair longer at one side creating an asymmetrical bob and add a high fade to another side. Such detail will change your look in the best way possible adding a “punky” mood to your appearance. Source: via Instagram