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Apply The Dye Properly

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Apply the Dye Properly

Although it is much quicker and easier (and quite honestly more fun) to squeeze the hair dye directly from the bottle into one glob on the top of your head or on your gloved hands, this is not the proper way to color your hair. Follow the directions and mix the color in a bowl. Apply it with a brush as a professional hairstylist would do. This ensures an even finish.

Start from the top and work your way down, combing it through to ensure it is evenly distributed. It is critical to start at the roots as they generally need the most color and proceeding time. Also, you should work in sections similar to a professional colorist to ensure that you have the complete coverage.

If you are adding highlights, you should apply them with a clean mascara wand or toothbrush. Add them sparingly and go two shades lighter than the overall color.

Set A Timer

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Dusty Pink Balayage

This is perhaps one of the most crucial steps when coloring your hair. Oftentimes, we forget to set a timer and become distracted and forget how long the color has been setting. You don’t want to leave the dye in your hair for too long as it can harm your skin and scalp as well as interfere with the coloring process. Set the timer according to the directions.

Protect Your Hair Color

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Protect Your Hair Color

In order to keep your hair healthy and prevent your color from fading, you should only wash your hair 2 to 3 times per week. Also, you should use hair products that are color safe and do not contain sulfates or alcohol. It is advisable to apply coconut oil to your hair before swimming to protect it from chlorine.

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