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Mermaid Hair DIY

Source: L’Oréal via YouTube

Mermaid Hair DIY #hairtutorial #mermaidhair

Who doesn’t dream to show up with magnificent mermaid hair for Coachella or Halloween party? While most girls stay away from this idea as they think it’s too complicated, you are going to prove otherwise!

Tools & Products To Use:

  • Three or more packs of washout hair dyes;
  • Hair clips for separating your hair;
  • A towel for clean work;
  • A couple of gloves to apply and even out the product.

How To:

  1. Clip off the top layer of your hair.
  2. Put on the towel and gloves and start applying one of the colors by smoothing it evenly with your hands throughout the chin level.
  3. Take the next color and apply it a bit lower, making sure that the colors melt with one another.
  4. Then goes the third color; apply it to the ends.
  5. Blend the area between the colors for well-balanced graduation.
  6. Rinse your hair after a 20-min-wait.
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