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Funky Pixie With Long Bangs

Funky Pixie With Long Bangs #pixiehaircuts #haircuts #hairstylesforwomenover50 #shorthaircutsforwomenover50

Another crucial thing about pixie haircuts for women over 50 is to find a cut that perfectly matches your face shape. Something with long bangs and a bit asymmetrical or outweighed silhouette can elongate round faces by volumizing the crown and draw attention from pointed cheekbones or jawline. And when it’s accompanied with some funky, eye-catching colors, this cut is more than just perfect.

When you are over 50, nothing stops you from playing around with bold colors! On the contrary, adding a pop, attention-grabbing color can give a fresh take on your base. Such bright shades as purple or baby pink look awesome when they’re combined with a whitish or greyish base. Isn’t that a perfect way to reveal your bright nature?

To style long bangs, make sure that you have a wide, round brush as it’s a necessary tool that shapes your bangs during blow drying your hair.
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Long Layered Pixie

Long Layered Pixie #pixiehaircuts #haircuts #hairstylesforwomenover50 #shorthaircutsforwomenover50

Going for a long layered pixie is the final step to reaching the style sophistication. The longer your pixie is, the more visible layers will be, which means that every single detail of your cut will look distinctive.

Such pixies look fantastic on any hair type but work perfectly for thin hair. With the help of voluminous and fullness-building layers on the back and front, thinning locks literally will have no chance to show up.

To style the cut, you may need to apply some softening mousse that makes hair more manageable when styling it. A good blow dryer and round brush is something you can’t do without!

Also, you can try individualizing your haircut by opting for soft, ash blonde balayage or ombre. This color is popular today, and it will nicely complement the trendy cut.
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Long Straight Pixie With Baby Bangs

Long Straight Pixie With Baby Bangs #pixiehaircuts #haircuts #hairstylesforwomenover50 #shorthaircutsforwomenover50

If your inner fashion rebel is ready to captivate, the daring and totally sexy long straight pixie with baby bangs is something you won’t be able to resist. This cut is achieved by rough feathering of the ends, which creates a disheveled movement in your hair.

Baby bangs look as cute as they sound. But the appearance isn’t the only advantage of this fringe! These little cuties can hide broad and wrinkled foreheads while keeping your beautiful brows open. In this way, you can conceal some flaws without really covering your face.

When styling this masterpiece, run your fingers through semi-wet hair to set your feathers into motion and make them stand out. Texturizing foam will come in handy!
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