Perfect Short Haircuts For Older Women

20 Ideal Short Haircuts for Older Women

Every older lady can select a perfect haircut while looking more closely at some short haircuts for older women. A short haircut if properly chosen looks amazing on every woman, no matter how old she is.


Thus, short haircuts for women over 50 might look very attractive and highlight the individual features of each personality.

Elegant Short Haircuts for Women Over 50

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If you are a business lady in your 50s, you might want to get the elegant look that will best show your personality type. Short layered pixie will be a perfect choice for you, - combined with stylish clothing, it will look simply ideal.


Multi Layered Short Haircut

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Multiple layers create great volume, and even when you have rather thin hair, no one will notice it with this type of haircut. It looks very casual yet stylish and modern at the same time.


Amethyst Balayage with Long Side Bangs

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Are you a type of a person who is very bold and doesn’t feel your age? Then you are ready for this amethyst balayage look with long side swept bangs. Reveal your young soul to the world and simply enjoy your creative and beautiful hairstyle!


Dark Rooted Pixie

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Bring some originality to the traditional pixie style by leaving your roots darker. With some jewelry added, you will look very young and fashionable!


Pearly Pink Platinum Blonde

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Short haircuts for older women don’t have to be boring. Just continue experimenting with your hairstyles and stay in trend. If you are blonde, you could dye your hair into pearly pink tint to look more creative and trendy.

Chic Classic Bob Hairstyle

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Classic bob will never go out of fashion. Add the layers, experiment with some hair coloring techniques like balayage or ombre and enjoy your new youthful look!

Amazing Look with Ice Blonde Pixie

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Ice blonde pixie looks just incredible! Combine it with red lipstick, fashionable earrings and you are ready to go on a vacation. And be sure, no one will ever guess how old you are, as you’ll look amazing!


Beautiful Asymmetric Bob

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Asymmetrical bob will add a perfect flavor to your appearance. It looks both classy and experimental. Such hairstyle is perfect both for work or vacation time. It will also go well with any facial features.

Textured Short Haircut

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Add some texture to your short haircut, and it will look just perfect on you. If you are bold enough, you could dye your hair into bright red color to emphasize your personality. Or you could go with more subtle variations and make some copper highlights or dye your hair into medium auburn color.

Favorite Pink Shades On Blonde Hair

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No one would believe how old you are when they will look at your short hairstyle with pink shades on blonde hair. It looks very bold and incredibly beautiful. And if you wear some pink dress that would go well with your hairstyle, you’ll look incredibly young and fashionable!


Side Bangs Pixie

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For some unknown reasons, women tend to think that pixie haircuts aren’t for everyone. As a matter of fact, despite being pretty short, this haircut is a universal women's beauty weapon that has an approach for every lady. Moreover, pixies are as sophisticated as they’re sassy and bold. And a simple side pixie with soft layers forming a fringe will be your best friend when you want to embrace practicality and stylishness. Besides, what can hide a wrinkled forehead better than bangs?

Chin Length Bob

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A chin-length bob is one of the classic haircuts that will never become outdated. Combining simple lines with a refined silhouette, this haircut looks brilliant on women of all ages, be it a teen or an older goddess. Also, its moderate short length is very manageable in terms of styling, while providing a very convenient styling routine.

Messy Waves Bob

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Some women have thin and fine hair since birth, and others encounter it with the time. And you know what? It’s not a problem at all, as it only needs the right approach. First, let some good haircuts with layers into your life. Second, find flattering hairstyles that suit you best. Although the variety of such options is pretty vast, there’s something you won’t go wrong with - bob and messy waves. If you keep your hair at a short length, it won’t be outweighed by heavy locks. As for messy waves, they’re the best idea to create tons of volume to flat looks.


Long Pixie Layers

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Here comes another haircut that will easily wash away any traces of thin hair and non-voluminous looks! It’s a pixie that consists of lots of layers running throughout the whole length. Some of them are short to give more bounce and edge; others are long to create dimension and texture. Together, they can turn your casual look into a masterpiece that will be making heads turn.

Short Shaggy Pixie

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This short shaggy pixie is here to take you to the diverse and vast world of pixie haircuts. If you think that this cut doesn’t allow for customizing and experiments, you’ve never been so wrong. The idea in this pic showcases how variously you can play around with the texture of your cut. Apart from various cutting techniques, you can choose a type of layering to make your cut more dynamic and alive. Here, for example, it features soft feathers stretching down the top and adding tons of movement to the whole cut.

Asymmetrical Short Bob


Layered Bob With Bangs

Punky Pixie

Long Curly Pixie


Edgy Pixie With Highlights