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Gentle Touch Of Deep Purple Highlights

Source: glamiris via Instagram

Gentle Touch Of Deep Purple Highlights #purplehighlights #highlights #haircolor #thickhair #longhair

The best way to diversify your dark hair color is to add some brighter hues. As you can see, these deep purple highlights match the black hair perfectly. Nothing drastic, only a gentle touch of saturated purple shade. You can also wave your hair to emphasize the beauty of your new amazing color.

Light Purple Hues For Long Hair

Source: shmeggsandbaconn via Instagram

Light Purple Hues For Long Hair #purplehighlights #highlights #haircolor #hairstyles #longhair

Are you fond of lighter purple hues? Deep vivid waves on long hair look gorgeous, but let’s don’t forget about the light side of purple. You will need beaching anyway, but it’s safer to dye your hair if you opt for lighter shades. Bright colors require pre-lightening of your natural hair, but if you want it less saturated, you can use a smaller amount of hair dye, thus causing not that big damage.

Dark And Light: Contrasts Never Fail

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Dark And Light Contrasts Never Fail #purplehighlights #highlights #haircolor #straighthair #longbob

When dark and light colors melt together, they give birth to the most requested hair color pair of this year. And when purple shade plays the dark role, and whitish blonde stands for the light one, this contrast becomes a look to steal. Don’t be shy to mix many colors on your hair: dark roots can be a good finish for this duo.

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