Quick Styles To Wear Medium Layered Hair

Medium layered hair styles are really hot this season and are presented on models who work for the most influential designers. We can observe some celebrities like Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian sacrificing their long locks for the sake of a sassy medium cut. But how to style it every day? Check out our collection and choose the best way to style your shoulder-length layered hair.


Style Your Medium Length Layered Hair

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Medium length layered hair doesn’t offer as many options as long hair. But there are still a bunch of ways to style it and look gorgeous and, most importantly, do not spend a lot of time on it.


Loose Curls, Braids, and Messy Updos

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Cute hairstyles for medium hair are so versatile. They offer a lot of lovely shapes and look really appealing. Loose curls, braids, and messy updos look super cute with medium length hair.

Cute Loose and Messy Curls

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Loose and messy curls are very popular and quick to do. Use a medium curling iron and curl your locks in different directions, away from and towards your face. It provides the effect of messiness. Finally, use some wax and run your fingers through your hair.


Twisted Hairstyles for Medium Hair

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To make your curls even more sophisticated, try to make a twist in the front. Pin it with a bobby pin back. This is cute and simple at the same time. A twist can even be an independent style without curls.

Girly Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

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Another simple way to style medium length hair is a braid. Braids look super cute and romantic with waves. Separate a lock of your hair at the front and make a regular braid. This half up half down do looks so girly.


Creative Layered Hairstyles

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Sometimes all we need to change our life is to get creative. And we are not talking here about anything grand and beyond your strength. We are talking here about brightening up your mood with the help of fun, pastel lilac waves.

Layered Hairstyles for All Hair Colors

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Do not be afraid to experiment with color, that is extremely trendy these days. And there is no wonder why, just look at this adorable pink cotton candy hair! Amazing!

Super Cute Bun Hairstyles

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Despite the fact that bun hairstyles have their roots closer to the classics, you can always come up with an upgrade. Just look at this lollipop-colored half-up half-down bun do’! The transition of color is simply breath-taking!


Messy Trendy Updos

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The messier the better! That is the credo of modern fashionistas. But have you ever thought that messy can be elegant? If you didn’t, then this collection of hairdos will reveal the truth to you. This trendy messy updo with a jeweled hair brooch just glows with elegance!