Sassy Short Layered Haircuts That You Should Totally Try

Short Layered Haircuts to Turn Heads This Season

Short layered haircuts are totally trendy right now. Are you tired of trying to think of new ways to style your long locks? A short layered cut can be sexy, sweet or sophisticated.


Short hair is just as hot as long layered haircuts. Disregarding the length, layered haircuts can add value to otherwise fine or dull hair. Short layered cuts can totally enhance your volume and texture.

The best thing about these layered haircuts for short hair is that if you don’t like your new style, you can always grow it out. But why not be daring and have some fun with your hair? A lot of women grow their hair out during the winter and cut it shorter in the hotter months. If you absolutely love shorter hair, you can try different looks or simply maintain your current do and just get your hair trimmed and shaped every six to eight weeks. But seriously, what are you waiting for? It’s only hair and we guarantee that you will absolutely adore at least one of these lovely haircuts!

If you add some pretty balayage tones or funky ombre colors to short layered haircuts, you can take them to another level. So, if you are tired of long, straggly tresses, why not go for one of these short and sassy layered cuts!

Playful Pixie

Source: d_w_i_l_l_o_w via Instagram

With the shortest layer at the crown and the other layers a few inches longer, this short hairstyle will add a lot of volume and an air of playfulness. Dying your hair bright brilliant blonde will really play up this sexy style!


Grunge Girl

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This funky cut, with longer layers in the front, eye-grazing fringe and a stacked back, is quite trendy at the moment. Some bright streaks will really enhance this already super-cool style.


Lovely Layers with Voluptuous Volume

Source: emilyandersonstyling via Instagram

This shorter cut with longer-layers has a ton of personality. The longer front and full pieces in the back will give your hair a funky lift. Use a volumizing shampoo and mousse and then blow dry with a round brush for added texture and volume.


Super Sexy Pixie

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This sultry style, with its deep side parts and angled layers, will make you look like a sexy vixen. For added depth, think darker roots with platinum blonde highlights.


Classic Pixie

Source: adamciaccia via Instagram

If you prefer more traditional hairstyles, this classic pixie is timeless and has a youthful vibe. With the perfect blend of sleek and mess, you can opt for either a carefree, bedhead style or a more sophisticated feel.

Fuss Free Layers

Source: salsalhair via Instagram

With a fringe that skims your forehead, face-framing layers and a side part, this carefree look is quite adorable. This cut will look great in a deep black or classic brunette color.

Edgy Cut for Thinner Hair

Source: emilyandersonstyling via Instagram

If you have thin or fine hair and want a more daring style, then this look is for you! With choppy, short layers, this style is just the cutest. A pretty purple undertone on an icy blonde base is absolutely breathtaking!


Straight and Sleek

Source: hotonbeauty via Instagram

For those who love the silky, straight look, this inverted bob is a must. With its angled front and shorter layers at the crown, it has plenty of volume and height. With a silver or grayish hue, this look will be sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Layered Bob for Thick Hair

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You might think that short haircuts only look good on women with thinner or fine hair. Wrong! You can totally rock a short layered do if you have thicker tresses. You simply have to tell your stylist to layer the cut but keep the thickness to maintain your naturally gorgeous volume!

Blunt But Choppy

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You will totally dig this ultra-modern bob. If you want to add volume, opt for a choppy, blunt cut to make your hair have twice its natural volume. Add some texturizing foam to your hair to maintain the piecey texture. And some highlights will give it some extra depth.


Short and Stacked

Source: hotonbeauty via Instagram

This super-short stacked bob, with its playful messy texture, is totally hip. Blonde or light purple highlights will really play up a darker shade.

Flipped Up Layers

Source: marcomauad via Instagram

Flipped up layered cuts are all the rage this year. To style, blow dry your hair up and to the side and use a flat iron to flip up random ends for a young, flirty effect.

Shaved Pixie

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This is the kind of haircut that not everyone will be bold enough to pull off. Only a woman who is in control of her life and any situation will have courage to go for it. Who knows, maybe it is you?


Colorful Pixie

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What is the best way to enhance the beauty of your new haircut? Of course, with your hair color. And the mixture of bright colors looks great not only on long hair, you can pull it off perfectly well with your new pixie!

Bowl Bob

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There is nothing more perfect than this style for those ladies who are dying to be the most creative-looking in the town. A short fringe, steel-blue hair color, and the undercut is a killing combo.

Bowl Bob with Layered Bang

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Ear Length Bob

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Angled Copper Bob

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Are you feeling brave enough to go for it? We think you are! Go ahead, chop those tresses and go for one of these bold and super-trendy short layered haircuts.