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Senegalese Twist Styles

Senegalese Twist Styles #braids #longhair #naturalhair

Senegalese twist styles can vary based on your preferences. In other words, the versatility of this hairdo has no limits. You can choose any length, any color, any thickness of your twists, which is awesome for those who don’t stand still and always experiment. As for extensions, ladies with afro-hair usually use Kanekalon hair for long, natural-looking styles or Toyokalon hair for smaller braids or twists. Of course, you can go for Marley or natural hair extensions, but keep in mind that synthetic hair works best for this hairstyle, as it saves twists from unraveling.
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Twisted Half-Up With Top Knot

Twisted Half-Up With Top Knot #braids #half-up #knot

Let’s move to the Senegalese twists hairstyles that you can create! Girls who like classic long styles, this is how you can let your hair dreams come true: full and shiny twisted chevelure with a high top knot, some hair beads, and colorful twists won’t ever make you feel bored with your hair.
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Sexy Headband Senegalese Twist

Sexy Headband Senegalese Twist #braids #naturalhair

Not all your hair should be twisted! You can combine two types of extensions to create a unique hairstyle. For example, look at this pic: you can install relatively short, loose natural hair to volume up your locks and finish it with several twists that look like a headband. A couple of bobby pins, your endless imagination, and this look is ready to adorn your days!
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