Styles For Long Layered Hair To Give Your Locks Extra Bounce

Refreshing and Sexy Long Layered Hair Styles

Are you looking for a new style for long layered hair? Believe it or not, layers can add a lot of texture and movement to longer hair. Not every woman has the time or patience to deal with longer hair. Some can’t deal with the tangles or brittle ends. However, if you are blessed with healthy and shiny long hair, you have a wide variety of gorgeous hairstyles to choose from.


Long hair is definitely in at the moment. Ombre and balayage styles look stunning on long hair as it gives plenty of room for color and styling options.

Two-Toned Jagged Long Layered Hair

Source: Jesstheebesttcolor via Instagram

This cut with its jagged, eddy layers will create a ton of movement. Add some subtle high or lowlights to add extra depth and dimension.



Source: Maggiemh via Instagram

This edgy style allows for the ends to curve inward to form a funky V-line. If you want to make it a bit less edgy, curl the bottoms with a large barreled curling iron.


Flipped Out Layers

Source: Twintresses via Instagram

You’ll flip for all the extra bounce that this style offers. Layers will help lighten the weight of your curls, which then helps them maintain that extra bounce.


Short, Dramatic Layers

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This style really makes a statement with its obvious, shorter layers. If you add ombre or balayage tones, it will really make this style pop.


Glossy Layers

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This smooth and sophisticated style will look great all day long. Style the long layers with a round brush. If you want tons of volume, blow dry your hair upside down.

Mixed Layers

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If you ask for a mixture of short, medium and long layers throughout the length of your hair, it will add a ton of volume and movement. Plus, it gives you unlimited styling options such as shaggy ponytails and messy updos.

Face Framing Long Layers

Source: Buddywporter via Instagram

This style is incredibly flattering as long soft layers blend together to gently frame your face. The shortest layers are usually chin-length and blend gradually to the ends.


Tousled Layers

Source: Anhcotran

What is sexier than tousled, carefree layers and long, heavy bangs?

Choppy Layers

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Short choppy layers with highlights are chic and glamorous. Stick to shades that are closest to your natural color.

Classy Flipped Out Layers

Source: Thassiodutra via Instagram

If you are looking for a more timeless style, this look is just for you. With its deep part and classic flipped layers, it adds both depth and bounce to your locks.


Long, Messy Curls

Source: Guy_tang via Instagram

This carefree style with its voluminous bangs is quite stunning. To perfect this look, use curling irons of different sizes and alternate directions as you curl.

Shaggy Layers

Source: Salsalhair via Instagram

With its throwback to the time when hair had a ton of volume, this retro 70s style with chopped, jagged layers is totally hip. The soft, wispy feathered layers are so romantic.

Long Curly Hair

Source: Madisonpettis via Instagram

This look is perfect for those with naturally curly hair who want to manage their curls without chopping their hair short. The choppy layers will help break up the waves and make them easier to manage.


Multiple Layers

Source: Hairbykatlin via Instagram

If you are looking for lots of body and movement, the secret is to mix your layers. However, the shortest layers should be closest to your face, while the majority of layers should be mid length and the longest layers should be in the bottom.

Two Tiered Layers

Source: Guy_tang via Instagram

Dramatic layers may be a bit too much, but such style leaves you a lot of room for styling and coloring options. Think about fun braided styles, funky half updos and totally poofy ponytails, the possibilities are endless!

Short, Medium and Long Layers

Source: Chrisweberhair via Instagram

This season is full of layered haircuts. And sometimes it may be difficult to choose one: either short layered or middle, or long layered haircut. What we are suggesting is a combination of all three of them, add up some curls and dye it silver to complete the breathtaking look!


Straight and Chic

Source: Hairbykatlin via Instagram

So many women with long hair are scared of cutting off their locks. It is the haircut especially for those mentioned as it mostly requires just shaping the layers. But who said that straight has to be boring?

Long Shag

Source: Lo_wheelerdavis via Instagram

Looking all natural is a recent trend. Long shag is the best way out for those who do not want to put too much effort in the process of creating their everyday look. All you need to do is blow dry it and finger comb!

Subtle Layers

Source: Stephengarrison via Instagram

You have lots of hair but you want more volume? Then it is exactly what you need! Subtle layers are for those ladies who do not want to lose any length just to create an illusion of layers.


Layered Ombre

Source: Hairbykatlin via Instagram

Take your ombre to the next level together with sweet mix of pastels and a layered haircut. Curl your locks and be ready to take what’s yours!

Add Voluminous Bangs

Source: Andoresalon via Instagram

Add some more volume to your hair by mixing voluminous bangs with light curls cascading down your shoulders.

Sexy Smooth Layers

Source: Rachelpesh via Instagram

Smooth layers can look fabulous thanks for your natural hair`s texture.


Silver Shades

Source: Hairbylac via Instagram

If you want to create thick lock, add silver highlights to your style.

Layered Waves and Straight Bang

Source: Meganngentry via Instagram

Straight bang and wavy hairstyle will make you look irresistable.

So, are you ready to take the plunge? Try one of these fun long layered hair styles and show off those gorgeous tresses!