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Choppy Yet Long Layers For Straight Hair

Choppy Yet Long Layers for Straight Hair

If you have naturally straight hair and still want a long layered cut, these choppy layers are perfect. They add bounce and shape to your hair without taking away from the fullness or length. If you want to make this style pop even more, add some soft balayage highlights to the ends.

Source: lux_salon via Instagram

U-Shaped Cut With Classic Layers

U-Shaped Cut with Classic Layers

If you are hesitant about longer layers, this look is a great first step towards a long layered cut. This simple yet classy cut is fringed with its cool U-shaped silhouette. It’s easy to manage, too. Simply add some smoothing cream and dry it with a round brush for extra bounce.

Source: Justvictoriaaa via Pinterest

Voluminous Layers For Long Hair

Curly, Shorter Layers for Long Hair

You might think that short layers for long hair are impossible. You think it will be a challenge to curl chin-length strands, correct? You couldn’t be more wrong. Curling shorter layers can add some extra bounce and texture to frame your face. This look works great for an updo, as well. This gorgeous cut also looks chic with highlights.

Source: Lux_salon via Instagram

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