Van Dyke beard has always been on the lips of every beardo. It seems like there’s no a man who doesn’t dream to pull off the combination of masculinity and bold drama. The truth is, this facial hairstyle is one of the few who have survived through generations and haven’t lost its popularity with the time. First, it was a popular detail designed to express the imperial status of the 17th-century wearers; and now, it’s a stylish complement that can easily adapt to the lifestyle of a modern man.


Of course, the style has changed to fit the contemporary standards. And the thing it still preserves is its noble, pointed, and elegant look. If you can call yourself a man of a good taste and you want your facial hair to reach sophistication, check out our today’s ideas. Don’t worry; we are here not just to inspire you; you are going to learn how to grow, maintain, and wear the beard.

What Is A Van Dyke Beard?

What Is A Van Dyke Beard
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The Van Dyke beard is nothing but a simple mix of a goatee and classic moustache. They are usually combined but not connected, having a clean line between them. Due to its distinguished, angled style, it stands among the most popular beard styles of today. It’s also a nice complement for men with diamond and square face shapes: the beard can make their sharp angles even more distinctive.


How To Grow A Van Dyke Beard?

How to Grow A Van Dyke Beard? #vandykebeard #beard #beardstyles
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Not every man knows how to grow a beard, but every man would like to sport it. It’s no secret that women find bearded men to be the most attractive, so if you want to benefit from this masculine and stylish detail, you should keep in mind these basics.

  • Make sure that your face is clean-shaven. Whether you are an experienced beard lover or you are a newbie to the world of facial hairstyles, your canvas should be super clean for convenient trimming and styling.
  • Wait a week to let all your hair grow evenly. Once your stubble reaches a ¼ inch, you are ready for the Van Dyke style.
Creating The Beard
  1. Before getting a circle beard, you should lather your face with shaving cream.
  2. Then, shave the cheeks and sideburns, leaving two inches of hair on both sides of your mouth.
  3. Razor off the bottom hairs.
  4. Even the hairs out with a beard comb to make sure everything is accurate.
  5. Go on to create a goatee by shaving the chin beard. If your hair is thick, trim the edges for a sharper look.

Van Dyke Beard Tips

Van Dyke Beard Tips #vandykebeard #beard #beardstyles
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Don’t forget that every facial hairstyle is a commitment in some measure. So before going for any, take into account the common beard tips to live a long happy life with your awesome beard.

  • Always work with your scissors carefully. This style requires precision, so running with your scissors may spoil the tightly styled look.
  • When trimming your beard, wash out the excess hairs from time to time to reach a perfectly even silhouette.
  • Comb your hair regularly to keep the look well-groomed, and don’t you forget to treat it with respect: good wax is the right approach.


Van Dyke Beard Style Variations

Van Dyke Beard Style Variations #vandykebeard #beard #beardstyles
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Finally, here comes the part that will show you how the Van Dyke beard has become one of the most requested facial hair styles. See how variously you can wear the style that fits for loyalty!

Van Dyke Detached Moustache And Beard

Van Dyke Detached Moustache And Beard #vandykebeard #beard #beardstyles
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Long hair and a short beard is a simple but significant look that has come into our world with the iconic grunge bands. The best thing about the style is that a casual beard wax is enough to always be on point.


Gentleman Look

Gentleman Look #vandykebeard #beard #beardstyles
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While most beard types are designed to suit some specific hairstyles, this facial hair idea can fit any image: whether you’re a punk, hipster, or gentleman.

Funky Hipster Look

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Speak of the devil, here’s the Van Dyke beard style that is popular among hipsters! The clean shave and soft taper of this rockabilly hairdo go ravishingly with one another, forming a nice modern duo.

Rockabilly Beard

Neat sideburns and nicely structured beard hair with soul patch are the features that make this Van Dyke style a rockabilly beard. If you want to accentuate your facial hairstyle, this idea is a must.


Outlined Van Dyke Goatee

Outlined Van Dyke Goatee

Here you can see how the goatee beard enhances the sharpness of angled face shapes. This goatee features very defined trimmed edges which make the whole appearance neat and clean.

Classy Van Dyke Beard With Sideburns

Classy Van Dyke Beard With Sideburns
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Want to embrace the style of fashion mods from the stylish 80’s? Create a pompadour, incorporate your sideburns into the beard, and finish the look with a curled mustache.

Disconnected Mustache And Beard

Disconnected Mustache And Beard
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For short beard wearers who want to keep their style absolutely simple, nothing works better than disconnected mustache styles. A look that is easy to trim and wear, who could ask for more?


V-Shaped Goatee

V-Shaped Goatee #vandykebeard #beard #beardstyles
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There are lots of different Van Dykes, and if you want to rock a totally different one, you can create a super angular look. As your hair grows, trim it regularly, giving it a V-shape. Also, this idea will look awesome with sideburns.

Anchor Beard

Anchor Beard
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Wearing an anchor beard is the best way to get an attractive appearance for your face shape. This style curves under your chin and joins up with the moustache, giving a cool face-framing effect.

Patchy Goatee

Patchy Goatee #vandykebeard #beard #beardstyles
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A patchy beard is one of the most versatile short beard styles. Just keep the thickness less intense, and your subtle style will fit any mood and occasion.


Pointed Van Dyke

Pointed Van Dyke #vandykebeard #beard #beardstyles
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It’s not a V-shaped Dyke, and it’s not a classic version; it’s a pointed fresh take that finishes the curvy, full mustache in a noble and enviable way.

Short Stubble

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Minimalistic short beard styles, where a simple beard is surrounded by soft stubble and a hint of moustache is another sophisticated Van Dyke style modern men would like to copy.

Detached Goatee With Light Stubble

Detached Goatee With Light Stubble #vandykebeard #beard #beardstyles
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If you want to follow contemporary stubble beard trends, forget about the clean and smooth silhouette of your Van Dyke and let a stubble fill the space. Some length contrasts won't hurt!


Texas Van Dyke Beard

Texas Van Dyke Beard #vandykebeard #beard #beardstyles
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How about your Van Dyke beard to bring cowboys back to the town? Keep your moustache bushy, make it the highlight of the whole style, and your look will be as striking as never before.

Short French Stubble

Short French Stubble #vandykebeard #beard #beardstyles
Source: 4hislifestyle via Instagram If you don’t want to go too much with your facial hair but still want to make a statement, there’s a short variation of Van Dyke beard featuring a French stubble. The lines are less drastic and the edges are softer, which steps out of the pointed silhouette of the classic idea. Such a look will work wonders for men who’d like to soften their facial features.

Thick Beard Style

Thick Beard Style #vandykebeard #beard #beardstyles
Source: giuse_laguardia via Instagram Here’s how the middle ground between a shakedown cowboy and a slightly stubbled guy looks like. If you let your hair grow and keep an eye on it so that it’s not too bushy, and maintain the lower portion of your beard, you will get a nicely outlined and masculine facial style for all occasions.


Fresh And Relaxed

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Sometimes an outlined shape overrides density. Your task is to set the needed shape once your hair starts to grow out, trimming it every day to make sure it grows following the adjusted form. In this way, you can whip your stubble and make it look like a beard while still have a light feel on your face.
The Iconic Van Dyke Beard Collection: How To Grow And Wear The Timeless Men’s Trend

Now that you’ve got to know the versatility of the Van Dyke beard and have learned the main tips and tricks of getting them, you’ve got close to perfection. Decide what idea you like the most and try to recreate it to freshen up your style!

FAQ: Van Dyke beard

Is a Van Dyke beard attractive?

In recent years, the Van Dyke beard style has become increasingly trendy. The cheeks are shaved clean and smooth, which makes this beard style look more attractive. This is one of the goatee styles that guys from all areas of life wear.

Why is a goatee called a Van Dyke?

The Van Dyke beard has a goatee underneath, but is not attached to a mustache, and is named after the popular 17th century Flemish artist who popularized it.

What is the difference between a Van Dyke and a goatee?

A Vandyke beard is more pointed and longer than a goatee. Also, a goatee is a rounded chin beard with or without a mustache, and a Vandyke beard is a more pointed chin beard.