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Ash Brown Ombre

When it comes to growing out highlights and ash brown color, ombre may be the very best light ash brown hair color to choose from. Lighter or darker color on the roots that fades to the opposite hue gets more life out of your hair color and fades beautifully as time goes on. You will save money on top of it all by lengthening time in between salon appointments.

The beauty of ombre lies in its ability to fade from you natural color, but don’t be afraid of blurring the ombre lines and wear both tones with confidence!

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The best part about ash brown ombre is it’s half-hearted commitment to the style. You don’t have to do an entire beauty overhaul, just simply dust the lower-half of hair with that fresh ash brown color and let it grow out beautifully.

Before ombre, roots were a bad thing. If you stay within the same tone as your natural color but lighten the ends by a shade or two, your grown out roots won’t look old, they’ll be up to the latest trend!

Ombre is obviously great regardless of your hair type, but a luscious blow-out displays the style in a polished way.

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