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Amazing Shades Of Brown Hair With Highlights

Brown hair with highlights can be quite stunning. With all of the styling options available today, there is no end to the looks you can get with brown tones with gorgeous highlights.

Brown hair is quite beautiful on its own. And if you are a natural brunette, you are extremely blessed.

Brown hair color is very trendy right now. Hair with highlights, lowlights or babylights is really elegant. Also, you can consider a pretty brown balayage or ombre to spice it up a bit!

Light Brown Balayage For Brunette Hair

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Light Brown Balayage For Brunette Hair #highlights #bruentte #brownhair

Believe it or not, but the most authentic looks are achieved by sticking to one color palette. Yes, we all know that blonde accents work stunningly for brunettes. But, come on, let’s think different: nothing goes better with brunette shades than the matching brown ones. And this balayage will prove that.

While highlights are just painted streaks, balayage involves coloring your hair in a free-hand manner, sweeping the dye onto the sections. So, your task is to decide what effect you want to get. For more blended looks, consider mixing light and dark brunette shades for balayage. And if you are more into strand coloring, you can try light brown hair with auburn highlights.

Golden And Ash Blonde Highlights

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Golden And Ash Blonde Highlights #highlights #blondehair #brunette

Sometimes brunettes come up with the thought of going for a lighter hair shade. This is how our moody nature works. We just can’t do without color experiments. So why don’t make the lighter tones take over your base in this combo?

Instead of simply combining blonde highlights with brown hair, you can create your own light palette that goes from a smooth brunette base and graduates to ashy and golden tones, forming a refined happy medium between blonde and brown colors.

Face-Framing Balayage

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Face-Framing Balayage #highlights #brunette #balayage

Besides adding something new to your everyday palette, balayage can bring even more advantages to your life, and some of them are just priceless. With the right coloring pattern, your brand new color combination can be a flattering detail for your face. Yes, not only cuts can do the framing.

To make this framing fairytale real, you should ask your colorist to put an accent to the front tresses. It can be a subtle balayage with an accentuating blonde shade. Or you can frame your brown hair with caramel highlights. To enhance the effect, wave the highlighted front and see the difference.

Subtle And Soft Highlights

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Subtle And Soft Highlights #highlights #brunette #brownhair

No wonder that girls who seek natural looks for their dark brown hair do not fancy adding blonde elements to it. Some just like to stay loyal to their colors, as added ones, even if they’re not too drastic, may draw attention from the beauty of their natural hair.

If you’re one of such girls and you feel that you want to enhance the charm of your color, we strongly recommend that you adorn your dark brown hair with light brown highlights. It’s a subtle coloring decision that won’t be too noticeable to a naked eye. Yet, it will provide your hair with some effortless and lively dimension, which we can’t have too much.

Ash Blonde Highlights

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Ash Blonde Highlights #highlights #brunette #blondehair

Now, it’s time to talk about the moments when you feel super tired of your natural hair color. It may happen to you at any time, and this idea will show you how to deal with the need for changes. Just try sporting brown hair with highlights!

Ash blonde highlights with a soft greyish undertone is a fascinating way to take a break from the brown hair color. Let the highlights be super intense. Ask your colorist to create gradation from a darker to lighter tone. If you’d like to keep a trace of brown, dark roots won’t hurt. Keep in mind that this idea will perfectly flatter girls with porcelain skin and green or grey eyes.

Golden Blonde Highlights

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Golden Blonde Highlights #highlights #brunette

Here comes another classic variation of dark brown hair with blonde highlights that can actually take your brunette hair color to a completely new level. The variety of contrastive colors in your hair can make it appear thicker visually, showing every strand in a new light.

The point of such color decisions is to add lighter hues to the dark primary, yet, without hiding it. Whether you’re a lady with pale skin or a sexy tanned girl, there’s no way this timeless combo won’t work for you. Golden shades are considered the most versatile choice when it comes to coloring.

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