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High Pony With Braided Base

Source: Curlupanddyejanet via Instagram

High Pony With Braided Base #ponytail #updo #braids #naturalhair

While this particular style doesn’t feature a great deal of frills or intricacies, it is fairly easy for most women to pull together in a short time. The braided base consists of medium braids that are then wrapped around the base of the ponytail itself, which should be fairly high for a more dramatic look.

Twisted Side Ponytail

Source: Curlupanddyejanet via Instagram

Twisted Side Ponytail #ponytail #braids #updo #naturalhair

While high and low ponytails are classic, chic and sophisticated, a side ponytail can be just as elegant. In this ponytail style, the ponytail is left to hang loose and free, which allows for the intricately detailed front section to be the main focus. The hair is deeply parted to one side and then twisted elegantly into a half crown-like design.

Shiny And Sleek Pony

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Shiny And Sleek Pony #ponytail #updo #naturalhair

Google Rihanna’s many gorgeous hairstyles. She can totally pull off a sleek ponytail. Check out the low ponytail with the perfect blend of sleek and shine. This elegant style is easy to recreate at home. Simply add serum for shine and make sure your hair is pulled back very tight.

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