Popular And Fresh Black Men Haircuts To Try

Discover The Iconic Black Men Haircuts For All Hair Lengths

The variety of black men haircuts wasn’t really impressive a decade ago. But now, its diversity seems to take over the world, thanks to modern trendsetters, musicians, and fashion influencers.


Most haircuts for black men feature a fade, involving cleanly tapered sides and longer hair on the top. Alongside with going for the common idea, men can customize their cuts in the way they desire, making their coarse hair fit in the individual style and image.

Today you are going to discover the latest long, medium and short haircuts black men love to pull off these days. Whether you prefer to keep it textured and significant or you are more into clean and tight styles, our collection will satisfy your inner mod.

Short Haircuts For Black Men

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Of course, we’d like to start with classics. If you’re one of those guys who fight with curly, unruly hair every morning, you know why short haircuts for black men are considered as classic variants. The texture of afro hair men find to be almost impossible to style is the reason. Yet, out short cuts are not just about making you comfy with your hair; they're all about modernity!

The Buzz Cut With Surgical Line

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The first short haircut men look nice with is the good-old buzz cut. It just so happens that black men look awesome with short hair, and this classy idea isn’t an exception. Just like many black men haircuts, this option features a mid fade, covered with smoothly textured, straight cropped top that is accentuated with a shaved line.

High Fade With Wavy Top

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Black male hairstyles that involve the contrast of thickness and texture are the probably the top afro hairstyles for today. This time, the short top preserves the natural texture of afro hair, gradually fading into bald sides. As for the design, the shaved zig zag is a nice way to add individuality.

Undercut With Pink Curls

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The undercut with a pink curly top is designed to cross the line of the popular “high and tight” ideas. Truly significant black short hairstyles are achieved with the exceptional sense of style and boldness, so here we are, showing the undercut in the new light: the sides are simply shaved, and the top pops.

Simple High Fade Top

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Keeping black haircuts minimalistic is another way to master style sophistication. For example, if you spice up a simple marine haircut that keeps a wearer super comfy with his curls while showing off his natural texture, you’ll get a straightforward and refined variation of trendy American haircuts.

Taper Fade With Textured Top

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Instead of going for a fade haircut black men wear every single day, you can try something more interesting and thick for your casual look. Since lots of black short haircuts are all about neatness, why don’t you make your awesome textured mane show up at its best and let a soft taper haircut set the balance?

Structured Shape-Up

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Men who are not into dramatic haircuts with defined accents can try out a short military haircut and finish it with a gentle taper on the sides and back. Make sure that your barber will do the precise shape-up because that’s the thing that makes black men haircuts so neat and polished.

Sponge Twist

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Twisted hair looks extremely chic and sophisticated. That’s because the sponge-like textured top is finished with a clean, enhancing fade. Anything from zero to high fade will look awesome, just make sure that the look suits your face shape.

Short Flat Top

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The classic idea of flat top haircut brings a lot of restless 90’s vibes. But who says that it can’t be modernized? This short flat top with a neat temple fade is another proof for the versatility of black men haircuts.


Medium Length Haircuts For Black Men

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Medium afro hairstyles are very popular with black guys, not for nothing. First off, they offer a great choice of low-maintenance looks, which is crucial for thick, curly hair. Also, with such a length, your cut can feature many haircut designs that will show off your creativity. Don’t want to go too short? See how to keep up with the happy medium.

Curly Bowl Cut

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All your awesome curls fall on your head evenly: this is how your thick texture will act once you get bowl cut hair. Besides a classy modern look, there’s one more advantage you will love - such cuts can tame unruly curly hair men find to be difficult to manage.

The Angular Flat Top

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The military-cap silhouette of the flat top haircut is the simplicity that will capture people’s attention. It’s easy to wear and easy to style. And even though the cut looks pretty straightforward, only a skilled barber can create men’s cuts with a neat, angular shape and keep your sides clean at the same time.

High Flat Top

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Black men haircuts also have some flaw-concealing approaches. The so much popular high top haircut isn’t just an eye-catching style finish; it creates a perfect, well-balanced silhouette for men with smaller heads. If you want to pull it off, keep in mind that this cut requires a serious maintenance and styling routine. As for the finish, the taper fade black male above wears is a win-win.

Frohawk Fade

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The majority of the popular Mohawk variations usually feature a very drastic, daring look that requires complicated styling. And this faux hawk fade idea is about to give you a distinctive appearance and save your time at once. You can leave the top spiky and clean the sides with the help of one of the black man fades, thus going for a low-maintenance and cool style.

Blonde Frohawk

Source: gq via Instagram

When you feel the need for style changes, nothing works better than contrasts! Men with natural hair love to pull off dyed hair to accentuate their unique hairstyles. This Mohawk fade wouldn’t look that outstanding without the distinctive top, don’t you agree?

Short Sides + Dreads On Top

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Believe it or not, black men with dreads can look neat and presentable too! While classic ideas of dreadlocks are all about messiness, this short sides long top haircut keeps the style totally on point. To highlight medium dreads so that they look accurate, consider accentuating them with a zero fade.

Curls Over Undercut

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Some black men prefer to rock their natural texture, and some like to keep it unnoticeable. If you are the first kind, you will like the haircuts for black men that feature curly top over the undercut sides. Simple, yet awesome!


Long Black Men Haircuts

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Here come the longest ideas of afro hairstyles for men who love effortless, messy, and kind of I-don’t-care looks. There are lots of ways to wear your long natural hair, and now you’ll meet the most stylish ones. Don’t worry, the fade haircut black men love so much will be there too.

Medium Dreads

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Dreadlocks have always been a part of popular black men hairstyles. They give a different, sharp, and carefree look, which is a go-to for stylish teenagers and hip hop lovers. If you’re one of them but want to fit a simple casual image, medium dreads are the thing.

Red Braids

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Braids for men can be as different as you please! And this man braid hairstyle is a nice example of their diversity. If you want to go bright and funky, spice up your mane with pop color, braid it, and finish the style with some ethnic beads.

Textured Cut

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If you come across a black man with long hair, you will probably meet the most patient guy ever, as growing out a long natural mane is a great deal. And if you are the man we’re talking about, you should see one the most authentic and carefree natural curly hairstyles: the puffy locks stick out randomly, creating a full, unique look to the chevelure.

Afro Style

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When you have long hair, the variety of African American hairstyles is infinite, so your task is to decide between modern and classic hairstyles for black men. Black men with curly hair who can call themselves afro-lovers can whip their curls into such a voluminous, iconic shape, providing themselves with a comfortable and eye-catching style.

Man Bun With Undercut

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No wonder that the black man bun stands among the most requested afro hair styles: it’s easy to get and comfy to wear. The mid fade taper with a clean outline near the forehead is the black men’s style privilege that takes the trendy bun to a completely new level.

Long Dreads With Bald Fade

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Are you into bold looks? It’s time to try the curly dreads men find to be very masculine. As you can see, nothing works better than undercut dreadlocks finished with shaved designs. This haircut is pretty versatile: you can wear your box dreadlocks in a ponytail, bun, or simply let them loose.

Now that you are familiar with the latest black men haircuts, you know how to tame your curly mane, whip it into a decent shape, and look unique, after all. Choose the length based on your lifestyle and call your barber: it’s time to freshen up your natural hair!