A military haircut is always short, low-maintenance, and strict. Originally, the main purpose of such cuts was to keep soldiers’ hair tight and neat so that it wouldn’t bother them when performing their duties. In today’s world, there are lots of military cuts, and each of them brings a great visual impact to the wearer. If you’re a man who appreciates comfort, simplicity, and stylishness, these ideas will turn your image of military-style inside out.


The Burr Cut

The Burr Cut
by @z_ramsey

Let’s start with an unpretentious yet bold military-style haircut. Nowadays, the burr cut is pretty popular among businessmen and gents who prefer to keep up with simplicity. And the best thing is, it’s not that simple: the almost-bald look puts masculinity in the spotlight, going well with facial hair.

Why are military haircuts popular among civilians?

These cuts are quite popular because of their low maintenance style, adaptability to suit different occasions and also gives a clean and polished appearance.


Side Part Haircuts

Side Part Haircuts #militaryhaircut #militaryhairstyle
by @z_ramsey

Zach Ramsey, a professional hairstylist, talking about adding fades to this military hairstyle says:

“While traditional styles are generally weighted blends, I extended the gradient of the fade to have that blurry look while blending the weight in the darker end of the gradient to preserve the traditional shaping.”

The clean lines and defined parts create a polished look suitable for both military settings and civilian life.

The Flat Top

The Flat Top
by @barberking_kh

This cut is probably one of the most versatile military ideas as it has been adapted to many different images, despite its strict structure. The military flat-top haircut works perfectly for men with small heads, adding more length and volume to their silhouettes. Needless to say, the looks are always eye-catching.

Are military haircuts only for younger men?

No, Military haircuts can work well for men of all ages, whether young adults, kids or seniors.


Bald Head with Beard

Bald Head with Beard #militaryhaircut #militaryhairstyle
by @johnny_snips

A clean-shaven head paired with a well-groomed beard is a timeless combination that communicates strength and masculinity. The bald head with beard look is embraced by military personnel and civilians alike, offering a low-maintenance yet impactful appearance. As advised by Johnny Snips, a barber, don’t try shaping your beards at home. In his words:

"BEARDS: very popular nowdays and every guy deep down WISHES he could grow one. Well if you can, then I hope you’re getting it shaped frequently. DONT TRY THIS AT HOME. You might feel like you can just “touch” it up but there’s a fine line between a nice solid beard and an at home botch job. beard is growing in solid, I barely took any length off and I tried to keep the shape somewhat natural."

Military Undercut with Hair Tattoo

Military Undercut With Hair Tattoo
by @barberking_kh

This military undercut modernizes the classic look with a bold hair tattoo, adding personal flair to the neat, trimmed style. It's a perfect blend of soldier cut precision and contemporary edge.

Styling Tip: For those sporting a military style, keep the tattooed area crisp with regular touch-ups and maintain the top with light product for a clean, controlled look.


Slicked Back Long Hairstyle With Undercut

Slicked Back Long Hairstyle With Undercut
by @barberking_kh

This slicked-back look with an undercut fuses classic and modern military styles. The sharp contrast between the long top and buzzed sides exudes a polished and commanding presence.

Styling Tip: Use a strong-hold pomade for the top to maintain the slicked-back appearance throughout the day. Ideal for those seeking a stylish yet low-maintenance military cut.

Fade Cut for Blonde Hair

Fade Cut for Blonde Hair
by @alan_beak

This military haircut features a sharp fade that contrasts with the textured top. Blonde hair adds a bold touch, making it a standout choice. Alan Beak, a professional barber, Director & Co-founder of RUGER. achieves a balance that’s both edgy and neat.

Styling Tip: For blonde hair, use toning shampoos to maintain the color and prevent brassiness.

Messy High and Tight with Beard

Messy High and Tight with Beard
by @cheobarberpr

The messy high and tight haircut is a versatile option, seamlessly combining military precision with a touch of rugged charm. Accompanied by a well-groomed beard, it's a testament to personal style while maintaining an air of disciplined neatness.

Styling Tip: This cut's trendiness pairs with a beard for added masculinity, suiting those with a thicker hair type and defined jawline.


Long Layered Top + Moustache

Long Layered Top + Moustache
by @cheobarberpr

This military haircut blends a long layered top with a mustache, offering a balanced contrast between tidy and rugged. Ideal for men who appreciate sharp lines but want some length to style.

The Regulation Cut

The Regulation Cut #militaryhaircut #menhaircuts #haircuts
by @brihanna_jayde

Despite being the oldest men's military haircut, the regulation cut is still considered pretty universal. Today, stylish lads can diversify the cut with different types of fade and tapes, giving it a unique touch. The classic idea features a relatively side-swept top finished with a hard part, but you can play around with these details.

the_crew_cut">The Crew Cut

The Crew Cut #militaryhaircut #menhaircuts #haircuts
by @shefer_andrew

The crew cut is one of the most conservative military cuts of all time. Still, it’s an ageless idea that men will never stop sporting. Though the cut is something about two inches on the sides and back, the top is left without a taper. That is meant to allow wearers to style the top portion by parting or brushing it.


The Butch Cut

The Butch Cut #militaryhaircut #militaryhairstyle
by @charliegray248s

Those looking for a short military haircut that brings a tough character to the image should look no further than the butch. As you can see, there are no gradual lines or contrasts. But the point is to keep it simple but big, adding precision with slightly tapered and shaved edges.

Can I style a military haircut for formal events?

Yes. The clean nature of military haircuts can be adapted to suit formal and casual events.

The Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut #militaryhaircut #militaryhairstyle
by @z_ramsey

When military barbers stamped the good old buzz haircut, they probably had no idea that it would become a stylish military haircut of 2024. Yes, it’s nothing but a super short haircut. Yet, it has so many advantages! First, it can give a light feel to all textures. Second, it looks awesome with facial hair. Third, you can always accentuate the cut with a fade.

The Ivy League

The Ivy League #militaryhaircut #menhaircuts #haircuts
by @hayden_cassidy

Also known as a Princeton cut, the Ivy League haircut is designed to give a lot of styling freedom to modern men. It’s pretty short and neat at the sides, but the top is left longer so that you can experiment with partings. This particular idea features a distinctive side part that defines the whole cut and a gradual fade that neats things out.


The High and Tight

The High And Tight #militaryhaircut #menhaircuts #haircuts
by @f4fade

High and tight military haircut speaks for itself. Obviously, it’s called so to represent the main requirements for soldiers’ hair. As for its modern variations, its name has one more meaning, which is “extremely fresh and fly”.

The Fade Haircut

The Fade Haircut #militaryhaircut #menhaircuts #haircuts
by @hayden_cassidy

Whether you want to add some individuality to your look or to simply balance it out, just leave it up to the fade. Here, it accompanies a grown-out crew cut, giving it a spectacular contrast.

The Swept Back Cut

The Swept Back Cut #militaryhaircut #menhaircuts #haircuts
by @kens_family_barbershop

Swept-back military haircut styles are the best things you can do with a longer version of the crew cut. When you see that the top is long enough to brush it to the back, congratulations! Your cut is ready to serve you at any time, be it a casual walk, business meeting, or official party.

Styling Tip: To make the look stay longer, don’t forget to get yourself good styling wax or gel.


Brush Up Hair

Brush Up Hair #militaryhaircut #militaryhairstyle
by @dexterdapper

When it comes to energetic and dynamic military short hair, this is another flexible haircut you don’t want to miss. This modern and youthful look adds a contemporary twist to traditional military grooming. Dexter Dapper, a multi-award-winning celebrity hairdresser has spoken on how the cut is a popular choice among servicemen looking for a stylish yet disciplined appearance.

Pomp Haircut

Pomp Haircut #militaryhaircut #militaryhairstyle
by @birdcobarbers

Another army hairstyle that is surely worth your time and energy is the pomp haircut. If you don’t want to go all low with your cut and embrace a little volume, we have the right fit for you! The Pomp is known for its vintage charm and has made a resurgence in contemporary military fashion.

Taper Slick Back

Taper Slick Back #militaryhaircut #militaryhairstyle
by @z_ramsey

You don’t have to opt for a buzzcut to get the perfect army-cut hairstyle for you. There are lots of fun ways you can embrace modernity and still get an awesome military haircut and a taper slick back is one of those styles. This haircut balances a disciplined military look and a stylish, well-groomed aesthetic.


Brush Cut

Brush Cut #militaryhaircut #militaryhairstyle
by @giuse_laguardia

Are you interested in a no-nonsense army cut? The Brush Cut is a no-nonsense military haircut that emphasizes practicality and low maintenance. With uniform length all around the head, this style exudes a disciplined and efficient vibe. Requiring minimal grooming, you have a clean, straightforward look that fits various settings easily.

Curly Haircut

Curly Haircut #militaryhaircut #militaryhairstyle
by @alan_beak

You don’t have to worry about getting an army haircut if you have curly hair because there's also a style for you! Alan Beak, a barber at Ruger has worked with curly hair textures to produce clean military cuts and you’ll just be amazed as our editors. The outcome is a neat and well-kept appearance.

Spiky Military Haircut

Spiky Military Haircut #militaryhaircut #militaryhairstyle
by @tombaxter_hair

Characterized by spiked hair on top, this style adds a dose of modern flair to the classic military look. While maintaining the discipline of a military haircut, the spikes allow for self-expression and a youthful vibe. You get to embrace your hair texture without holding back too much!


Marine Haircut

Marine Haircut #militaryhaircut #militaryhairstyle
by @urednistvo.pricesk.robert

Looking for a typical soldier haircut? Well say hello to the clean, short, and refined marine haircut. The cut is synonymous with toughness and precision. It is a close-cropped style that emphasizes a clean and squared-off hairline. The Marine Haircut is practical for military service and symbolizes a commitment to a rugged and resilient lifestyle.

Military Haircut with Skin Fade

Military Haircut with Skin Fade #militaryhaircut #militaryhairstyle
by @z_ramsey

The Military Haircut with Skin Fade is a modern and stylish variation that incorporates a fade on the sides and back. This army hair-cutting style allows you to add a flair of modernity to your cut while maintaining the entire essence of the military style. This way, you can rock your cut to casual settings and formal events likewise.

Navy Haircut Men

Navy Haircut Men #militaryhaircut #militaryhairstyle
by @andrewdoeshair

The Navy Haircut for men is characterized by its neatness and adherence to strict grooming standards. You can have low fade added to your cut just to freshen up your look while still maintaining the short length but embracing volume at the top of your hair.


Cop Haircut Men

Cop Haircut Men #militaryhaircut #militaryhairstyle
by @z_ramsey

Want a style similar to those worn by law enforcement officers, LH recommends the cop haircut. This style, often seen in law enforcement, features a short and tapered cut on the sides and back while leaving a bit more length on top. The result is a polished and authoritative look that blends seamlessly with a professional uniform.

Military Long Crew Cut

Military Long Crew Cut #militaryhaircut #militaryhairstyle
by @xbigwesx

While others might not know, your military cut doesn’t have to be exactly too short. You can allow for a few adjustments, especially with the military crew cut. Contrary to the stereotypical image of a military buzz cut, this long crew cut combines a hint of length on top with shorter sides and back.

Cropped Bang

Cropped Bang #militaryhaircut #militaryhairstyle
by @horatiuthebarber

While bangs aren’t exactly popular among military cuts, cropped bangs are a haircut that definitely would suit the military setting. It involves keeping the sides and back of your hair short with a slightly longer fringe in front. Emphasis on the cropped as the bangs have to be way above your eyebrows.


Military Mohawk

Military Mohawk #militaryhaircut #militaryhairstyle
by @phoneypony_barber

The mohawk is no doubt a popular style among men and so we’ve found a way to pair it with your military-inspired cuts. The first thing to note is that the length would be shorter compared to the usual mohawk cut. However, you get to enjoy a shaved or very short cut on the sides, leaving a strip of longer hair down the center.

Quiff with Sharp Fade

Quiff with Sharp Fade #militaryhaircut #militaryhairstyle
by @horatiuthebarber

The Quiff with Sharp Fade combines classic and contemporary elements. This style features a voluminous quiff on top, paired with a sharply faded cut on the sides and back. Perfect if you can’t bear to opt for a complete low cut and still want to maintain a sense of style and personality.

Short Waves

Short Waves #militaryhaircut #militaryhairstyle
by @xbigwesx

Short Waves add texture and dimension to a military-inspired haircut. This style involves maintaining a short length overall but incorporating subtle waves or curls, adding a touch of personality to an otherwise straightforward look. Compared to other cuts, this style might require more attention to keeping the waves intact daily.


Short Haircut Line-Up

Short Haircut Line Up #militaryhaircut #militaryhairstyle
by @charliegray248

Precision is the key to the short haircut lineup. This style involves clean lines along the hairline, creating a sharp and well-defined appearance. The overall short length maintains a no-nonsense attitude, perfect for those who appreciate a meticulous and disciplined aesthetic.

Short & Clean Haircuts

Short & Clean Haircuts #militaryhaircut #militaryhairstyle
by @xbigwesx

As the name suggests, short and clean haircuts prioritize simplicity and neatness. These cuts are characterized by uniform short lengths all around, emphasizing a clean and well-groomed presentation. This timeless style is easy to maintain and suits a wide range of face shapes.

Military Undercut

Military Undercut #militaryhaircut #menhaircuts #haircuts
by @hayden_cassidy

Just like the military high and tight haircut, the undercut is another most-requested cut of now and then. The sides are short and the top is long: everything is easy.

The variety of military cuts, despite their strictness, is pretty vast. With the help of such details as fades and tapers, there’s no way you won't find the best military haircut for you. And the reason for their popularity is pretty simple: the cuts make you feel not only comfortable but also stylish and presentable.


FAQ: Military Haircut

What haircuts are allowed in the military?

For most soldiers in the Army, a standard taper or Ivy League haircut is the preferred style. Wigs and hairpieces are not permitted for men unless they are used to hide hair loss or natural baldness caused by accidents or military procedures. The usual haircut requirements must be followed when wearing a wig or hairpiece.

How do military keep their hair long?

Under the new norm, women with long hair are able to wear ponytails with an Army Combat Uniform during physical exercises or while wearing tactical headgear during military trainings or combat operations. Long hair is defined by the Army as the hair that goes beyond the collar.

Are Mohawks allowed in the military?

Various hairstyles are now permitted as long as they retain a tidy, professional look and do not obstruct the use of headgear. “Landing Strips”, Mohawks and Horseshoes are examples of forbidden hairstyles under the new classification.