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Simple Braided Updo For Long Hair

However, once you have mastered this simple look, you can move on to more complicated braid styles such as fishbone braids, box braids, or French braids.

Follow this simple guide for an easy braid. Good luck and have fun learning new and funky braided updos once you have mastered this simple tutorial.

Messy Four Braid Updo Tutorial

1. Apply a small amount of texturizing mousse to your hair while blow drying to add texture. You don’t need smooth and silky hair for this braided updo. If you wish to add a little wave to your hair before braiding, curl your hair with a 1-inch curling iron.

2. Start a braid with a section of hair from in front of one ear. Stop the braid when you are about ⅔ of the way to the end of your hair and secure with a hair tie. Repeat on the other side of your head.

3. Section the remaining hair in two and clip up on side for now.

4. Braid one of the back sections as above. If you want to use a fancier braid such fishtail or box braid, feel free to take it up a notch.

5. Braid the remaining section in the same manner, using the braiding style of your choice.

6. Spray your braids with a medium hold hairspray and gently pull at your braids using a massage-type motion to gently pull out small pieces of hair for a slightly messy look.

7. Repeat this on all of the remaining braids.

8. Take one of the two back braids and drape it to the other side of your head, securing in place with hair pins. And do the same with the other back braid.

9. Take one of your front braids and drape it toward the back and across, securing with pins. Repeat with the 2nd front braid.

10. Again, piece out a few strands for a soft, slightly unkempt look. Secure with bobby pins.

11. Apply a strong finishing spray. If you wish, you can braid in some ribbons or beads or add a fun accessory to really make this style pop.

There you have it, a simple braided updo that will surely turn heads everywhere you go!

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