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Brown Textured Bob

Brown Textured Bob  #choppybob #bobhairstyles #bobhaircuts #hairstyles #haircuts

On some hair types, classic bob haircut may appear pretty dull once the styling spell put by a hairdresser gets broken by shampoo. It may happen to very thick and thin textures, as the former is too heavy and the latter is too flat. And this is where choppy layers come in: they can lighten up thick locks, making them more dynamic and lift up thinner strands, giving them some volume. This brown bob is a stunning example of the results you can get.

Source: styled_by_carolynn via Instagram

Pink Choppy Bob With Dark Roots

Pink Choppy Bob With Dark Roots #choppybob #bobhairstyles #bobhaircuts #hairstyles #haircuts

If not an edgy haircut, what can enhance the glamour of a sassy hair color then? Sharp layers of a choppy bob will make the color even more outstanding with its dramatic locks falling on one another freely. And it goes without saying that dark roots will be the exclamation point of your one of a kind look.

Source: catmom_unchained via Instagram

Straight Choppy Bob With Blunt Bangs

Choppy Straight Bob With Blunt Bangs #choppybob #bobhairstyles #bobhaircuts #hairstyles #haircuts

It’s better to see with your own eyes what a game-changing transformation you can go for once you get a choppy bob with bangs. A simple one-length hairstyle can become a flirty, youthful, and fun haircut with tons of volume and movement. If you don’t trust our words, look at this pic and try to prove us otherwise.

Source: skipdoeshair via Instagram

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