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The Most Popular Wavy Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Hairstyles for medium length hair look especially flattering when they are wavy, and a beach wavy hairstyle is one of the trendiest options this season. Read on to learn several tricks that can help you to achieve the most fabulous wavy hair look.


How To Get The Perfect Beach Waves In Different Ways

Do you find yourself wondering how to get beach waves? All over social media, we see women with sexy, perfect waves, and we ask ourselves how much they paid to get those gorgeous wavy tresses. Believe it or not, beach waves are one of the most sought out hairstyles for medium length hair.

The secret to luxurious beach waves is the technique of getting them. All you need is a few minutes, your hair dryer and a curling wand. And if you are a more visual learner, you can always search for a beach waves hair tutorial online. However, we are going to give you a quick guide as to how to get beachy waves without going to the salon.

There are several ways to get beach waves including using sea salt spray and scrunching your naturally wavy tresses, blow-drying and curling your hair, or simply getting the right haircut. Read on for our handy guide on how to get sexy beach waves at home.


Prep Your Hair

Obviously, the first step to glamorous beach waves is to prep your hair. The same is true for all hairstyles for medium length hair. The first step, of course, is washing your hair. Then towel-dry it and comb it out with a wide-tooth comb.

How you prep your hair to hold the curl is crucial. If your hair is naturally straight, flip your head upside down. Next, spray the just shampooed roots with either texturizing or volumizing spray, massaging it in as you go to create texture and volume. Always make sure to use the best hair products for natural waves.

Those with naturally curly tresses should apply straightening balm to tone down the curls a bit. If you don’t want to take out too much of the curl, you can instead use heat protectant spray to protect your hair from damage.

If your hair does not hold curls well, you can skip the above step and proceed with whichever method you choose. The easiest way to get beach waves is to spray on sea salt spray or beach wave spray and scrunch your hair and allow it to dry naturally or scrunch it while blow-drying. Of course, this works best for those with naturally wavy or curly hair. Following are some of the other methods to get beach waves.

Way – Braiding

Of course, if you don’t want to damage your hair by blow-drying and curling it, there are ways to get beach waves no heat. Excessive blow-drying and curling or straightening your hair can damage the cuticles and dry out your hair. Braids have been one of the most popular ways for women to curl their hair for centuries.

One of the easiest ways how to get waves overnight with braids is to braid your hair while damp. You can simply dampen your hair while taking a shower or mist it thoroughly with a spray bottle of water or sea salt spray and water.

Here’s one of the easiest hairstyles for medium length hair. Separate your hair into about four to eight braids, depending on how thick your hair is and what size of waves you want. The bigger the braid, the looser the waves. Leave the braids on your hair overnight, or until dry. Remove them and spritz on a little sea salt spray and then tousle your hair. You can try out different braid styles such as Dutch braids, box braids, Fishtail braids or French braids to get different styles of beach waves.


Way – Twisted Into Buns

Twisted bun hairstyles for medium length hair are another way how to get wavy hair without heat fast. Wash and towel dry your hair or mist your dry hair, spritz it with sea salt spray then twist it into at least 4 buns depending on the length and fullness of your hair. Place at least two of the buns at the nape of your neck and then the others at the top of your head. Use U-shaped bobby pins to hold them in place. For those with thinner tresses, you can spray volumizing spray to your roots before doing the buns. If you want smaller, tighter waves, do multiple buns in your hair as opposed to just two to four. You will love this fun and easy way to do beach waves for straight hair.

Way – Use A Curling Wand

Want to know how to get loose waves with a curling iron? It’s easier than you think! Simply take one to two inch sections of your hair and wrap them around a curling wand. The size of the curling wand depends on the type of waves you want. The thicker the wand, the looser the waves.

For a windswept look, alternate the direction of each curl, curling some away from your face and some towards it. Hint: for a flattering, face-framing look, curl the sections close to your face rather than away from your face.

If you want a sexy, tousled look, twist each section of your hair as you curl it. Or if you prefer natural-looking waves, do not curl the bottom one inch of your hair.

Following these steps is a surefire way how to curl loose waves with a curling iron.


Way – Do A Ponytail

If you are looking for a way to get easy and perfect summer beachy waves, all you need to do is gather your hair into a very high ponytail and curl one to two inch sections with a curling wand. Start at the top of the ponytail and work your way to the bottom. Repeat until all of your hair has been curled before removing the elastic. Again, for more natural waves, leave out the bottom inch of your hair when curling.

Next, we will tell you how to get beach waves with flat iron medium hair.

Way – Use A Flat Iron

If you don’t have a curling iron, or prefer to do so, you can use your flat iron for beach waves with flat iron medium hair. Twist your hair into 1 to 2 inch sections and run over each twist with your straightener. Make sure you twist it as tight as you can. Finally, unwrap the twists, tousle the waves and spritz it with medium hold hairspray. You will love your luxurious beach waves with flat iron twist.

How To Style Wavy Textured Hair

Beach wavy hair is so gorgeous. Gone are the days of straight, limp hairstyles for medium length hair. Curly tresses are making a huge comeback, and beach waves are taking the world by storm.

As you’ve seen earlier, beach waves are so easy to do, so who wouldn’t want to rock this hip and totally sassy hairstyle? Waves add a ton of texture, movement, and depth to your hair and can do wonders for both thick and thin hair. Check out some of the trendiest looks for beach wave hairstyles for medium length hair.

Centre Parted Lob

Centre Parted Lob #messyhair #wavyhair #mediumhair

Source: salsalhair via Instagram

Lob hairstyles are perfect for medium wavy hair. A lob is simply a longer bob hairstyle. As such, you will still be able to pull up your hair into a short ponytail, updo or cute half updo. And you can still wear it down without your curls looking dull due to too much length and weight on your hair.

Part your hair in the center while damp and then style as desired. Beach waves look stunning with a blonde and light brown balayage fade like the one shown here.

Side Part Hairstyle

Side Part Hairstyle #messyhair #wavyhair #mediumhair

Source: cutyourhair via Instagram

Another great wavy hairstyle for medium hair is this pretty side part hairstyle. A side part is a great way to add volume to thinning hair. Our hair tends to naturally part to one side or the other, so you should try to go with your natural part. It is much easier to part your hair when wet. So, if you are not washing your hair, give it a good spritz before parting. Then use your fingers to tousle your beach waves in a sexy, bed-head style. If you really want to add texture, try some caramel brown highlights on a chocolate brown base. And don’t forget to ask for layers as they add a ton of volume to your hair.


Deep Side Part Medium Hairstyle

Deep Side Part Medium Hairstyle #messyhair #wavyhair #mediumhair

Source: mikaatbhc via Instagram

If you are going for a super sexy look, try a deep side part medium hairstyle like the one pictured here. A deep part will not only add more volume to your hair, but it will allow it to seductively fall over your eyes. Add some dark and light ash brown highlights to your dark brunette hair to give it a multi-dimensional look.

Deep Side Part With Some Height

Deep Side Part With Some Height #mediumhair #bob #wavyhair

Source: via Instagram

Another great look for a deep part is this deep side parted hair with added height. Added volume will make your thin, or fine hair look much fuller. As well, such hairstyles for medium length hair are very flattering. While not quite as high as the hairstyles of the 1980s, parted hair with volume becomes very popular again.

Simply do a deep side part and then tease it from the roots to give it more volume. Make sure to use volumizing spray to give it that added oomph. A teased deep side part looks especially pretty on hair that has a lot of texture. The shades in this pic are the perfect contrast between warm and cool shades. Style your waves in a casual messy way for a fun and flirty look.

Beach Wavy Medium Hair With Choppy Bangs

Beach Wavy Medium Hair with Choppy Bangs #wavyhair #mediumhair #bangs

Source: bescene via Instagram

Choppy bangs are very popular right now. A fringe is making a huge comeback and is a perfect choice if you want a look that is demure and mysterious. This long layered lob with choppy bangs is a very hip hairstyle for beach wavy medium hair. Ask for long layers to add volume to your wavy tresses.

Gray hair is all the rage with women of all ages. And what could be prettier than this silvery blend of medium and light gray hair for a truly multi-tonal look?

Half Updo Hairstyle For Medium Hair

Half Updo Hairstyle for Medium Hair #wavyhair #half-up

Source: kristin_ess via Instagram

A fun and trendy hairstyle for medium hair is the half updo. There are so many ways you can style your hair in a half updo, from buns to braids to top knots to chignons. And they are a great way to get some of your hair off your face as well as add volume and texture.

This pretty half updo has a ton of depth and dimension thanks to the stunning balayage blend of dark blonde, ash blonde, and light blonde hues. Blow out your beach waves for a relaxed vibe that shows you are ready for anything that comes your way.

Braided Style For Medium Wavy Hair

Braided Style For Medium Wavy Hair #wavyhair #braids

Source: hellofashionblog via Instagram

Braids are also a great way to style almost any length of hair unless it is very short. This braided medium hairstyle is very boho chic and stylish. Start at your crown and do a side or crown braid.

There are so many pretty braided hairstyles to choose from including a waterfall braid, milkmaid braids, Dutch braids and many more. Braids are a great way to showcase highlighted or multi-colored hair, such as this brown and blonde balayage. Mid-length beach waves look stunning when adorned with a braid, whether intricate or casual.


Hairstyles For Medium Wavy Hair

Source: Anhcotran via Instagram, romeufelipe via Instagram, salsalhair via Instagram

Hairstyles for Medium Wavy Hair picture 2

Hairstyles For Medium Wavy Hair Blonde #mediumhair #bob #wavyhair
Hairstyles For Medium Wavy Hair #mediumhair #wavyhair

After getting your gorgeous beach waves, you can turn this style into an elegant updo, as updos for medium length hair are quite trendy this season. Thus, you can easily enhance your look for some special occasion.

Source: Mmseportfolio via Instagram, Astaciachristenson_hair via Instagram, anhcotran via Instagram

Trendy Beach Wavy Hairstyles picture 2

Beach Wavy Medium Length Hairstyles picture 3
The Most Popular Wavy Hairstyles #mediumhair #wavyhair

You can also get familiar with a curling iron, which is a very essential device both for medium length and long hairstyles. Mind that a larger curling iron will make looser rather than tighter waves, which is exactly what we are looking for.

Beach Wavy Medium Length Hairstyles

Source: romeufelipe via Instagram, Hairbykatchase via Instagram, anhcotran via Instagram

Beach Wavy Medium Length Hairstyles Blonde #mediumhair #wavyhair #bob

The Most Popular Wavy Hairstyles picture 3
Beach Wavy Medium Length Hairstyles #bob #wavyhair #mediumhair

Also, do you know that it is possible to make a sea-salt hair spray at home and thus make sure that it contains no harmful ingredients? And it’s not only about saving money, it’s more about preventing any allergic reactions, especially if you are prone to them.

Trendy Beach Wavy Hairstyles

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Trendy Beach Wavy Hairstyles For Blonde Girls #beachhairstyles #wavyhair #mediumlengthhairstyles #longbob #blondehighlights

Trendy Beach Wavy Hairstyles #mediumhair #wavyhair
Trendy Beach Wavy Hairstyles With Blonde Highlights #beachhairstyles #wavyhair #mediumlengthhairstyles #longbob #blondehighlights

To make this spray, you’ll need simple ingredients that can be found in any store or even already in your kitchen. Take Epsom salt, Aloe Vera gel, hot water, and Sea or Himalayan salt.

Beach Wavy Hairstyles For Brunette Girls

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Beach Wavy Hairstyles For Brunette Brown Girls #mediumhair #wavyhair

Beach Wavy Hairstyles For Brunette Girls #mediumhair #wavyhair
Beach Wavy Hairstyles For Brunette Girls With Chocolate Highlights #beachhairstyles #wavyhair #mediumlengthhairstyles #longbob #chocolatehighlights

We know why you’re thinking of making your own hairspray: nothing is more tempting than lively waves without any damage. Let’s look at the waves from the brunette side, do you know how to take a fresh look at your brownish waves? Highlights will come in handy to add some more movement to your brown locks. They’re a little damage, which is quite acceptable with your damage-free spray.


Fresh Style Ideas For Medium Hair

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Fresh Style Ideas For Medium Hair Brown #mediumhair #wavyhair

Fresh Style Ideas For Medium Hair #mediumhair #wavyhair
Fresh Style Ideas For Medium Hair #mediumhair #wavyhair

In order to update your look you do not need to opt for some unique way of coloring your hair all the time. Sometimes trying to replicate your hair color the way it was during your childhood will be the best idea. Adding highlights suits perfectly for this purpose.

Perfect Beach Wavy Hairstyles

Source: mikaatbhc via Instagram, createdbychloej via Instagram, cutyourhair via Instagram

Perfect Beach Wavy Hairstyles #wavyhair #mediumhair

Layered Perfect Beach Wavy Hairstyles #wavyhair #mediumhair
Perfect Beach Wavy Hairstyles picture3

Perfect beach waves do not necessarily have to be of usual colors such as blonde, for example. Sometimes deep plum-colored medium strands look absolutely stunning when slightly waved.

Magic Blonde For Medium Length Hair

Source: cutyourhair via Instagram, Bescene via Instagram, Hairbykaitlinjade via Instagram

Beach Wavy Medium Length Hairstyles picture 2

Perfect Beach Wavy Hairstyles picture 3
Magic Blonde for Medium Length Hair picture 2

Ladies with blonde hair look majestic, that is a well-known fact. But to intensify the effect we would suggest you to dye your medium-length locks grayish blonde with the accent of the outgrown roots.

Amazing Beach Wavy Hair

Source: hairbymandielynn via Instagram, natalieannehair via Instagram, anhcotran via Instagram

Amazing Beach Wavy Hair #wavyhair #mediumhair

Amazing Beach Wavy Hair picture2
Amazing Beach Wavy Hair #mediumhair #wavyhair

Beach waves look different on every hair type or color. But these chocolate waved locks look so shiny that it is difficult not to give in and try to replicate this image.

Beach Wavy Hairstyles To Try

Source: salsalhair via Instagram, natalieannehair via Instagram, kellyfarias2 via Instagram

Beach Wavy Hairstyles to Try picture1

Beach Wavy Hairstyles to Try picture2
Beach Wavy Hairstyles To Try #wavyhair #mediumhair

The lovers of messy ‘dos know the real power of beach waves. Especially when combined with honey colored hair. The softness and the richness of color are breath-taking!

Main photo by Kristin_ess