Beautiful Long Hairstyles And 15 Tips On How To Get A Daring New Look

Trendy Long Hair Styles for the Real Fashionistas

Long hairstyles are so much fun! There are tons of ways to style your longer locks! Long hair styles will never go out of style. And they are so versatile, which leaves room for creative and fun styling options. If you are looking for inspiration in order to create new dos for your long tresses, you’ve come to the right place!


Whether you like long hairstyles with bangs or wear your hair all one length or in longer layers there are plenty of things you can do to liven up your tresses. If you want to give your tresses a new look, there are literally dozens of long hairstyles from which to choose. And the best part about today’s trends is that there are so many pretty and bold ideas for the color. The sky's the limit when it comes to sassy and sexy styles for long hair! From updos to braids to ponytails, there are so many fun ways to style your longer hair. Not to mention creative ways to curl your hair from finger waves to beach waves. Plus you can always take it up a notch by adding some color streaks! How about balayage or ombre tones? The possibilities are endless for long hair!

Straight and Silky Long Hair Styles


Sleek and Shiny

Source: emmachenartistry via Instagram

Make your hair perfectly smooth so that it shines in the sun.


Perfect Straight Long Hairstyles

Source: via Instagram

This gorgeous pink with dark roots is vibrant, and the length is perfect as it’s not so long that it weighs your hair down. However, it is still long enough to pull back into a ponytail or style into an updo. The blunt ends are edgy yet sleek. So, if you’re feeling bold and want a sexy shade, this might be the perfect look for you!


How to Style - Sexy Straight Hairstyle

Source: innagudz via Instagram

This hairstyle is perfect for ladies who wish to show off their healthy and thick tresses. This casual hairstyle is not difficult to recreate.

  1. Part your hair in the middle.
  2. Take a radial brush. But pick the one that is large and has a pure bristle.
  3. With the help of this brush, blow dry your hair straight back and then the sides.
  4. Now blow dry all sides forward.
  5. Apply some smoothing shine to your hair.
  6. Starting from the mid-length and down to the ends, apply a little moulding cream.
  7. Finish with hair spray.


Blowout and Sexy

Sexy Side Sweep

Source: natalieannehair via Instagram

This sexy side part will help you look years younger. Make a deep side part and let your hair fall seductively over one shoulder. You’ll feel like a movie star!

How to Style - Silky Blowout

Source: emmachenartistry via Instagram

Why pay for an expensive salon blowout when you can perfect this one of the prettiest hairstyles for long hair at home for free? Follow this simple tutorial to achieve a sexy, luscious blowout.

  1. Apply styling cream to hair, combing to make sure it is evenly distributed throughout your hair.
  2. Mist your hair lightly with a volume spray.
  3. Blow your hair dry using a medium or large round hairbrush. Work your hair away from your face as you dry it.
  4. Apply a quality shining serum when finished drying.
  5. To avoid frizz, use blowout spray and apply argon oil for a sleek shine. Volumizing cream will make your hair fuller while keeping it soft and light.


How to Style - Layered Hair with Flips

Source: emmachenartistry via Instagram

There is an important meeting ahead but you have no clue how to style your hair to suit the occasion best? We have something for you!

  1. First of all, you have to make sure that your hair is damp. To achieve that, use some cream gel.
  2. Blow dry your hair using a round brush.
  3. Add some hair spray to the ends.
  4. Curl the ends up a little, using a curling iron.

Hair Color Ideas for Long Straight Hair

Rainbow Balayage

Source: caitlinfordhair via Instagram

Can’t decide on just one shade? This colorful rainbow ombre is absolutely beautiful. The shimmery shades resemble a unicorn mane! The v-cut is stylish but the fabulous rainbow ombre effect is what really makes this long hairstyle stand out! This style looks gorgeous when pulled up into a funky updo!


Blonde Colors for Long Hair Styles

Source: ashleyrayhair via Instagram

If you want a look that’s subtle and sexy, this blunt cut with glimmery shades of blonde is super girly and sensual. The platinum blonde and light honey blonde shades give it a ton of depth and dimension for a look that is soft and touchable!

Sexy Red Hair

Source: jaymz.marsters via Instagram

This fiery red shade is not for the faint of heart. The slightly uneven edges on this straight and sleek style give it a carefree edge. We dare you to go bold and red with this vivacious cut and color!

Fantastic Full-Length Balayage

Source: chrisgreenehair via Instagram

Balayage tones add a lot of depth to fine hair. This blonde fade from darker roots to light blonde is subtle yet stunning. The slight wave at the layers gives it more dimension. Think of how this stunning combo of colors will glisten in the sunlight!


How to Style - Silky Style for Colored Long Hair

Source: Guy_tang via Instagram

This elegant look is great for those looking for the easiest hairstyles for long hair. It is doable at home, whether you are headed to a day at the office or a fun girl’s night out. Within minutes, you can achieve this sophisticated style.

  1. Section your clean, dry hair into long, vertical sections.
  2. Spray a working hairspray to each section.
  3. Use a large-barreled curling iron to make extra large curls in each section all facing the same direction.
  4. Apply a shine serum by running your fingers gently through the curls.
  5. If you have a smaller shaped face, use a smaller curling iron. Adding a quality shine cream will add softness and shine with plenty of definition for your tresses.

Long Wavy Hair Styles to Fulfill Your Dreams

Silky Hairstyles for Long Hair

Source: ohheyvivienne via Instagram

We think this honey blonde and silver balayage combo is absolutely breathtaking on most long hair styles. The long waves are super sexy and the multi tonal color adds a ton of depth and dimension to your tresses. This look is playful yet sophisticated for a fun and flirty vibe! This style will look exceptional in the sunlight!


Beach Waves

Source: Natalieannehair via Instagram

Want to look like you just walked out of the ocean? This super sultry style is so easy to achieve if you have naturally curly hair. Simply wash your hair and spritz it with sea salt spray, tousle your tresses, let them air dry, and voilà! Sexy beachy waves. If you weren’t blessed with natural curls, you can still pull off this look with little time and patience and a curling wand!

Wavy Tips

Source: Brendaguerra via Instagram

We think this long layered haircut with just the ends curled is a very stately look fit for a queen! You’ll be the center of attention with this fun and flirty style!

Bangs with Waves

Source: Sarahpotempa via Instagram A bang can give a special look to any hairstyle. Straight bangs and beautiful waves - the perfect combination. Isn`t it?


How to Style - Pseudo Curls

Source: Elizabethrsawatzky via Instagram

This look is elegant and sophisticated and is taking the world by storm. Within a short time, you can have a simple and sexy trendy hairstyle that will turn heads wherever you go.

  1. Dry your hair into vertical, long sections and spray each section well with a hairspray.
  2. Hold the hair straight out and then wrap it around a curling wand or iron one time in the middle, holding the ends of your hair in your hands.
  3. Repeat this for every section and spray with a light hairspray.
  4. Apply a finishing spray for extra lift and a long lasting hold.
  5. If you have thicker hair, you may need to flat iron your hair first for this style to prevent your ends from frizzing.

Hollywood Styles

Finger Waves

Source: Mustafaavci via Instagram

This sexy flapper style from the 1920s is sexy and timeless. All you need to do is make finger waves to create added volume and texture!


Bright Hollywood Waves

Source: alfredo_lewis via Instagram

If you want a look that’s bold yet glamorous, try this bright electric blue, dark purple, and lilac combo for the perfect trifecta of color. The Hollywood waves are elegant and chic. The vibrant burst of colors gives it a youthful look and feel. This style has a ton of volume and movement if you want to liven up your locks!

Violet Long Layers

Source: butterflyloftsalon via Instagram

If you want a longer style, this purple and black balayage is a bit more edgy and bold. The longer layers with slight waves are very pretty. But the violet and black shades give this cut a more daring vibe for those who aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Big Voluminous Waves

Source: natalieannehair via Instagram

These deep black bouncy waves are ultra chic and glamorous. If you have a special event to attend and want to look super sexy and sophisticated, these curls are perfect! The long layers help boost the volume and the shiny black color will add sheen and depth to your locks!


How to Style - Hollywood Waves

Source: Shelleygregoryhair via Instagram

This red carpet glamorous hairstyle is ideal for ladies who love retro chic and wish to really steal the show.

  1. First, part your wet hair to the left or right.
  2. Take a paddle brush and blow dry your hair. Begin from the back and work in sections. Move a paddle brush from roots and through the strands.
  3. To add some volume and make your curls larger, use large hot rollers.
  4. Hot rollers should be applied vertically. Let the rollers stay in the hair until they cool down completely.
  5. Now comb your hair to the direction of your choice.
  6. Finally, apply moulding cream to the ends.

Full of Glamour Long Wavy Hairstyles

Long Blonde Waves

Source: maggiemh via Instagram

Sexy blonde wavy long hair styles never go out of style. If you want a look that is carefree and youthful, this messy wavy style should do nicely! The pale blonde shade is young and flirty, and the length is perfect if you want to pull it back into a voluminous ponytail.


How to Style - Mega Volume

Source: Kylacentomo via Instagram

Mega volume hairstyles for long hair are making a comeback. Thick, bouncy, voluminous hair will do wonders for your confidence!

  1. Massage a high quality root-volumizer to dampened hair.
  2. Next, apply volumizing foam or gel and comb through evenly.
  3. Blow dry your hair with a high end round brushes that won’t get stuck in your hair.
  4. When finished, apply a shine serum or finishing cream for a shiny, long-lasting hold.
  5. If you have curlier hair, you should add an anti-frizz or anti-humidity product beforehand.
  6. If you have a round face, you don’t want to overdue the volume.

Colorful Waves and Curls for Long Hair

Magic Babylights

Source: jbraidsandbows via Instagram

Another sassy option for blonde shades is this pretty honey and golden blonde balayage with platinum blonde babylights. The slight waves make this longer cut super feminine and soft but the mutational blonde colors are shimmery and sexy!


Chocolate Curls

Source: yesfira via Instagram

There are so many ways to style curly hair these days! This chocolate brown base with golden blonde tones is oh-so-stunning. The curls add a ton of depth and movement to this super girly style!

Bouncy Curls

Source: american_salon via Instagram

Girls with lots of curls will love this colorful cut. With long, bouncy curls and a fun pop of pinks and purples, this look screams style! The fade from deep dark roots to dark purple and pale pink and pure shades is just stunning!

How to Style - Windblown and Tousled

Source: Chloeboucher via Instagram

The bed head look is always a fun and sassy look and can easily be restyled the following day.

  1. Smooth out any undesired waves or bumps with a flat iron.
  2. Spritz and scrunch ends with styling spray.
  3. Apply a hairspray to desired sections and run your flat iron over the same section to add a slightly curvy texture.
  4. Use a wax to make your hair look more piecey.
  5. NB: This style does not work well for those with super frizzy hair.


Simple Long Curly Hair

Kinky Crimpy Curls

Source: Briciaemilyn via Instagram

Yes, it was all the rage in the late 80s and early 90s, but the crimped look is making a comeback! This look is a modern take on the crimped curls with tiny braids weaved throughout.

Loose Curls with Straight Fringe

Source: Ltnda via Instagram

This voluminous style, with its loose, fun curls and the straight fringe that perfectly frames your face and forehead, is extra stunning.


How to Style - Soft Glamorous Curls

Source: Lee4you via Instagram Sexy and soft curls are timeless! Every girl wants to bring out her inner diva with this gorgeous and feminine hairstyle.
  1. Apply both styling spray and heat protectant to clean, dry hair.
  2. Section your hair into one and a half to two inch sections, spraying with a quality styling spray.
  3. Curl each section with the size wand of your choice, pinning each piece to your head with a small clip or bobby pin.
  4. When finished, unpin and apply shine spray.
  5. Shake out the curls and spray with finishing spray for shine and hold.

Easy to Do Half Topknot

Ash Ombre Style

Source: alfredo_lewis via Instagram

Ombre hair has been quite trendy for some time now, and this pretty ash blonde and lilac combo is no exception. The subtle waves add a ton of depth to any texture hair!


How to Style - Top Knot for Long Hair

Source: Hairbymarissasue via Instagram

Top knots have been popular for a while now and there is no wonder why, as they are so cute and sexy!

  1. Part your hair in the middle.
  2. Pick up some hair on each side of your head, but leave the front face-framing strands out.
  3. Make a little pony on top.
  4. Twist your pony around until you form a bun.
  5. Secure your bun with bobby pins.
  6. Use your curling iron to add some waves to your mane.
  7. Spray some hairspray all over to make sure your ‘do lasts.

Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyles for Long Hair

Easy Headband Styles

Source: saripaints via Instagram

Waterfall braids are so pretty, and this fun take with rosy blonde tones and waves is so feminine and sexy! To achieve this look you can use a headband and roll over it your tresses.


How to Style - Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle

Source: Saralrash via Instagram

This gorgeous hairstyle will really compliment ladies who have a round face shape. It will show off movement and those loose waves.

  1. Start with applying some styling mousse to wet hair.
  2. Now part your hair in the middle.
  3. Dry the hair using your fingers and a blow dryer.
  4. To create soft and large curls, use a curling iron that is large.
  5. Pin the hair in the direction of your choice.
  6. Apply some smoothing shine first to your palms and then run the product through the ends and mid-lengths.
  7. Fix the hairstyle with hair spray.

Half-Up Braided Hairstyles

Layered French Braid

Source: Hairby_chrissy via Instagram

This tight French braid that sits gracefully atop of messy, wild curls is a modern twist on the classic French braid.


Double Braids

Source: Rachelbriannehair via Instagram

One braid is good, but two is even better. Make a perfectly even parting and twist the two braids.

Simple Braid

Source: Karindragos via Instagram

The simplest braids can look very neat and sexy, if you create them with love.

Fishtail Braid

Source: Hairbygalaursul via Instagram

A fishtail braid is an easy and cute way to style your long hair.


How to Style - Side Braid

Source: Thefreckledfox via Instagram

This soft and sweet side braid is simple and feminine and will soon become one of your favorite go-to styles.

  1. Apply a leave-in conditioner to either damp or dry hair. Comb through till evenly distributed.
  2. Start braiding behind one ear, continuing the braid to the opposite shoulder.
  3. Secure with an elastic hair tie.
  4. For a casual effect, gently pull apart pieces of the braid.
  5. You can leave this braid overnight for soft, wavy curls the next morning.

Crowns Braided Hairstyles

Waterfall Braid

Source: Missysue

This braid is so elegant and sophisticated. Leave most of your hair loose (bonus points if it’s wavy or curly) and make a gorgeous waterfall braid with a rosette on one side. Your locks will cascade gracefully like water dripping from Niagara Falls.


Milkmaid Braid

Source: Emilyrosehannon via Instagram

This look is oh-so-sexy with its braided headband effect (aka milkmaid braid). Simply create 2 braids and pin them atop of your head. Weave in some ribbons or flowers to make this look even more feminine and chic!

Boho Chic Braid

Source: Theconfessionsofahairstylist via Instagram

If you are carefree at heart, you’ll love this groovy retro Boho style braid. All you need is a long flowy skirt, strappy sandals and some big shades, and you’ll look like you hopped in a time-machine! Peace, love, and sexy hair everywhere!

Crown Braid

Source: Jbraidsandbows via Instagram

A crown braid may be a cute addition to loose wavy hair.


French, Fishtail and Dutch Braids for Long Hair

Cute Mermaid Hair

Source: estherryi via Instagram

No matter how much you deny it, you’ve dreamt about mermaid hair at one point in your life. This ombre fade from baby blue to lilac to cotton candy pink is very soft and romantic. You’ll definitely feel like a sultry mermaid princess with this soft and sexy wavy style. The fishtail braid adds a romantic touch to this dreamy style!

So Pretty Double Dutch Braids

Source: yesfira via Instagram

Braided hairstyles are all the rage this season. This style with double Dutch braids is tres chic and stylish. The pretty dark blonde tones and wavy ends make this look even more glamorous.


Fun Fishtail Look

Source: rachelbriannehair via Instagram

If you aren’t afraid to mix a dark and light tone, this black and fuchsia half-and-half style is so much fun! The fishtail braid is youthful, and the half and half look is very in right now!

French Braid

Source: heidimariegarrett via Instagram

What goes better with a sleek French braid than loose hair and an ancient-looking decorative element? Do not ask us! We think this is it!

Ponytails - Simple But Still Sexy Hairstyles for Long Hair


Braided Pony

Source: Emilyrosehannon via Instagram

This braided ponytail will make you look like a warrior princess. Simply weave a thin braid into a thicker braid for a look of pure fantasy and seduction!

Bubble Braid

Source: Barefootblondehair via Instagram

This sexy and chic braid is courtesy of Princess Jasmine from the popular Disney cartoon Aladdin! This simple bubble braid is super easy to duplicate by wrapping a few loose strands around your braided ponytail and securing them with an elastic and hair pins.

Flirty Ponytail

Source: Michaelgrayhair via Instagram

What about a messy ponytail? Try it to look super-sexy.


Side Pony

Source: Gabbysworld via Tumblr

This side pony is totally 80s with its messy, teased out look! If you want to make it look even more retro, dress it up with an 80s style hairband or feather barrette!

Unique Braided Pony

Source: maggiemh via Instagram

Silver hair is very much in style at the moment. We love the box braids that flow into a full and wavy ponytail for a look that’s trendy and romantic!

Low Ponytail

Source: hairxtess via Instagram

A low pony may seem to be pretty boring if you do not know a way to spice it up. Add a little bit of messiness and little braiding, and it suddenly becomes fun and extraordinary.


How to Style - Twisted Ponytail

Source: Diana212m via Blogspot

This fun twist on the ponytail is a nice and easy alternative to the standard ponytail that you can easily sport at the office or even add some fun accessories like beads or ribbons for a special occasion.

  1. Apply shine spray to dry hair and comb through evenly.
  2. Comb your hair straight back into a low to mid ponytail and secure with an elastic hair tie.
  3. Apply elastics about three inches from the first band from the base of the ponytail to the ends.
  4. Start at the base of the ponytail and separate your hair, creating an opening and pulling the ponytail through each section.
  5. Use a texture paste to add separation between the hair ties for added texture and definition.

How to Style - Ponytail Hairstyle

Source: Kykhair via Instagram

What is so special about ponytails? Well, the thing is that there is no occasion a certain pony wouldn’t fit. How about this cute and elegant one?

  1. First of all, you should wash your hair.
  2. Blow dry it.
  3. Pick a strand of hair in front to form a pump, but leave some strands out to form side bangs.
  4. Use a teasing brush to create a pump.
  5. Use a few bobby pins to secure your pump at the back of your head.
  6. Apply hair spray.
  7. Gather the rest of your hair into a pony.
  8. Secure your pony with a hairband.
  9. Add some light waves if you want your pony to be curly.
  10. Twist a strand of your hair around your pony to hide away the hair band.

Everyday and Formal Hairstyles for Long Hair


Bow Hairstyle for Unicorn Princess

Source: jbraidsandbows via Instagram

Love pink and purple but can’t decide which you prefer most? Why not try this pale blonde base with both fuchsia and lavender tones for a unicorn effect. The pretty braided updo is salty, and the ribbon effect at the top will give you more volume.

Source: i_pasechnik via Instagram

We love this super-thick fishtail braid. It makes your hair look full. The pretty shades of darker and warmer brown are the perfect blend for a pretty fall shade!

Braided Updos

Source: prettyhairstyleess via Instagram

Braided updos have a tendency to look super elegant and super complex. But it is pretty easy to replicate. Try it out!

Carefree Messy Bun

Source: Lenabogucharskaya via Instagram

Buns are timeless and romantic. But this messy bun is perfect because of its loose and carefree style! Messy buns are the perfect fit for a bad hair day!


Scarf Updo

Source: Keikolynn

This look is timeless and romantic. With this fancy updo adorned with a colorful scarf, you will look like you stepped out of a movie from the 1940s. Look out Audrey Hepburn!

Elegant Updo

Source: Lenabogucharskaya via Instagram

If you like feminine hairstyles, try this low updo to look like a princess.

Aren’t you psyched about trying one of these super trendy and fun long hairstyles? We think you’ll totally rock one of these sexy looks!