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Inverted Choppy Lob

Inverted Choppy Lob #choppybob #bobhairstyles #bobhaircuts #hairstyles #haircuts

When hair gets longer, it tends to lose its shape and lack the character. Luckily, you can always leave it all up to the inverted cut.

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Messy Layered Lob

Messy Layered Lob #choppybob #bobhairstyles #bobhaircuts #hairstyles #haircuts

With such a lively splash of messiness on your lob, all the traces of thin or weak hair will be washed away rightaway. Yes, choppy layers are magic in its purest form.

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Choppy Wavy Lob With Arched Bangs

Choppy Wavy Lob With Arched Bangs #choppybob #bobhairstyles #bobhaircuts #hairstyles #haircuts

A chic airy silhouette with a wavy hint + delicately cropped fringe = the epitome of modernity. Don’t forget to tousle the look up and coat it with texturizing spray to keep up with the contemporary look.

Source: rachelwstylist via Instagram

The bob haircut has many faces. And it just so happens that each of them, notably choppy one, is always on the top of the beauty charts. Since there’s a choppy version for all hair types, images, and ages, what are you waiting for? Choppy layers on your short haircut are enough to change your look for the better: and today’s ideas are living proofs.