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Textured Bob For Fine Hair

Textured Bob For Fine Hair #choppybob #bobhairstyles #bobhaircuts #hairstyles #haircuts

Call it magic, call it true: there’s a choppy bob fine hair can’t help but yield. It’s no secret that this hair type tends to fall flat, especially to a layered bob. Ask your stylist for soft, thin layers throughout the length, style it with salt sprays, and forget about weak looks once and for all.

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Middle-Parted & Wavy

Middle Parted & Wavy #choppybob #bobhairstyles #bobhaircuts #hairstyles #haircuts

The options on how to style choppy bob are countless, as you can always experiment to your heart’s content. Still, there’s something classic and universal: choppy waves parted to the center will work for any mood and occasion.

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Middle-Parted Choppy Lob + Effortless Waves

Middle Parted Choppy Lob Effortless Waves #choppybob #bobhairstyles #bobhaircuts #hairstyles #haircuts

The longer the length, the more room for volume there is. A little layered touch to this choppy long bob was enough to turn this shoulder-length mane into an effortless, beach-inspired hairstyle.

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