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What Is A Drop Fade?

What Is A Drop Fade #dropfade #haircuts #menhaircuts

A drop fade haircut is a lot like the regular fade. The main feature which makes it different than any other faded variations is the drastic hair gradient that lowers at the back of the head, hitting the front hairline. In other words, besides giving an outlined finish, this type of fade involves noticeable and thus more attractive hair transition.

What makes the fade so unique is that it can be a perfect match to anything from classic undercuts to quiffs, pompadours, mohawks, and comb-overs. That means, when getting a drop, a man gets himself a lot of room for customizing his hairstyle. Furthermore, the fade itself can be diversified with various shaved designs. So what is a drop fade? It’s a canvas to one of a kind look.
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How To Get It

How To Get It  #dropfade #haircuts #menhaircuts

If you simply ask for a drop fade, this will tell nothing to your barber. Indeed, there are a few things you should consider in order to achieve the result you’re expecting.

Be specific
Tell your barber how intense the fade should be. The thickness may range from 0 to 0,5 and 1, which defines how close the cut will be.

You should decide how much time and, most importantly, money you are ready to spend on your cut. If you opt for a tight haircut with extremely sharp edges, you will need to see your barber as soon as the sides grow out. Those who’d like to have more freedom can go for softer variations of the cut.

Find the right product
Since you’re the one who will be dealing with the cut the next day after your hair appointment, you should find the perfect hair product. Based on the looks you want to rock, choose a pomade, wax or clay to get the most out of the fade.
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