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Classy Drop Fade Ideas For The Next Hair Appointment

Now that you know how to get the fade, it’s time to see how different it can be today.

Spiky Top + Drop Fade

Spiky Top Drop Fade  #dropfade #haircuts #menhaircuts

With a clean, accentuating bald drop fade, you can not only make your facial hair appear sharper but also keep a spiky hairstyle defined.

Source: spukthebarber via Instagram

Drop Fade Pomp

Drop Fade Pomp #dropfade #haircuts #menhaircuts

When it comes to well-groomed, sophisticated styles like a pompadour, a medium drop fade is a nice way to put a smooth but notable finish.
Source: spukthebarber via Instagram

Quiff + Drop Fade

Quiff  Drop Fade #dropfade #haircuts #menhaircuts

For a dramatic take at the manly Quiff, spice it up with a high drop fade that blends into your beard with sharp precision.

Source: tote_barber via Instagram

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