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Skinny Sideburns

Skinny Sideburns #sideburns #mensideburns #sideburnstyles

When you are about to go modern with your beard, go for a skinny beard and let polished skinny burns be the cherry on top. As you can see, it goes awesome with contemporary minimalist ideas.

Source: ryancullenhair via Instagram

Mutton Chops

Mutton Chops #sideburns #mensideburns #sideburnstyles

The Muttonchops idea is designed for men who want their style to express a rebellious attitude. Together with messy styled, thick, and voluminous chevelure, your Mutton Chops beard will be simply on point.

Source: mr.thyb via Instagram

Geometric Sideburn Designs

Geometric Sideburn Designs #sideburns #mensideburns #sideburnstyles

The magic of modern trimmers has no limits. Just like your imagination! Combine these two to rock a truly unique style.

Source: menshairlooks via Instagram

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