Light Brown Hair Colors That Will Take Your Breath Away

Take Your Light Brown Hair to the Next Level with These Ideas

Colors of light brown hair are exactly what you need if you can’t make up your mind which side you would like to take. There is nothing too light nor too dark, it is the perfect middle you have been looking for. Besides, the number of techniques is impressive, anything you can think of – balayage or ombre, highlights or sombre all possible now. Just follow our lead and you will keep up with all the freshest trends.


Golden Light Brown Hair Colors

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Those of you who like to shine the brightest no matter where you go should try this blend. A golden light brown color adds you that nice and elegant touch, and additional glow is never a bad thing, too.


Caramel Light Brown

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Adding some caramel highlights to your naturally dark hair is what you need if you want to look stylish and charming at the same time. Light waves will only deepen the transition of color and will emphasize all that is supposed to be admired.


Light Brown to Blonde Balayage

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If you combine two subtle but contrasting hues, the outcome will be something definitely attention-worthy. The combination of brown and blonde is exactly what we have in mind. One look – and you are already in love with it!



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Mocha shades are for those who like to play around with red hues but not give in to them completely. Introducing some voluminous curls into mocha-shaded ‘do is always a victory. Try it out and you won’t ever regret!


Natural Light Brown

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If you are all-natural type of a lady, you will totally appreciate something that does not damage your hair but makes it all better-looking. The trick is to make your natural light brown fade into blonde. It looks like you spent too much time in the sun this summer.

Brown to Dirty Blonde Ombre

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The transition from dark brown to dirty blonde looks pretty bold and extravagant. A sleek asymmetric bob only intensifies the impression. If you like to be the center of attention, then you should give it a try!

Ash Brown

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Ash brown is something unique that can only be found within the transition from one shade into another. If you do not fulfil the process of transition to full extent, you will get that perfect silver-stroked, fascinating ombre.


Brown to Blonde Highlights

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It is time to step away from the notion of blonde you are used to. There is no way you will resist the power of this dark brown to sweet honey ombre. It looks so warm and soft that you just can’t resist reaching out to touch it.

Sunkissed Brunette

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Being kissed by the sun is something many of us dream of. This is high time to stop dreaming and start acting! Ask your hair stylist to highlight your dark brown locks with the mixture of different-shaded sun rays and enjoy the eternal summer everywhere you go!