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Edgy Short Pixie With Low Fade

Edgy Short Pixie With Low Fade #lowfade #fadehaircut #haircuts #pixiecut

Who says that short haircuts can’t be distinctive? With the right approach to styling and a low fade haircut as the main weapon, your short haircut will be seen from a mile away. Go for a simple low fade, style your pixie with lightweight gel in an edgy manner, and enjoy your sexy tomboy look!

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Spiky Mohawk With Low Fade

Spiky Mohawk With Low Fade #lowfade #fadehaircut #haircuts #mohawk

Roses have thorns, they say. And girls have spikes, from time to time! If your mood is all about sassy looks with daring styles, let your haircut reveal your spiky soul: a short mohawk with low fade, where the sides are neat, and the top is dramatic, is a nice start.

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Wavy Crop & Fade

Wavy Crop & Fade #lowfade #fadehaircut #haircuts #pixiecut

Ladies who like haircuts that focus on the texture will fall in love with the idea of the wavy crop. When creating such a cut, your hairdresser changes the thickness of your ends slightly, thus giving you lovely movement and taming your thick hairs. This outstanding texture looks ravishing with a low fade haircut and some bright colors on top.

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