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Trendy Rose Gold Pink Shade

Trendy Rose Gold Pink Shade #pinkhair #rosegold

Rose gold is a treasure for every lady who keeps up with trends. This color is created by hairstylists from above as a beauty gift for us girls. You can find it everywhere: from jewelry to outfits. So why don’t find it on your head? Soft golden hues that melt with pastel pink hair tint create an unbelievable color transition! Such an idea works best for natural blondes with fair skin tones.
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Soft Pink Balayage With Wheat Hues

Soft Pink Balayage With Wheat Hues #pinkhair #balayage

Nothing reveals the variety of pastel pink hair color better than balayage, and this pic is living proof. It’s almost impossible to notice the graduation line from warm pink to wheat toned lighter hue, which actually creates a silky and polished silhouette. But coloring your hair, no matter what color it is, always has its pitfall, as dye causes damage. If you go for a full dyed hair, prepare for permanent deep conditioning to keep your locks alive, healthy, and moisturized.
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Metallic Pastel Pink Hair

Metallic Pastel Pink Hair #pinkhair #brunette

The best thing about pastel pink hair colors is the way they play with the light when the sun shines down on them. On the one hand, it’s pleasant, a bit faded pink hue with darker roots. But if you look at it from the different angle, you’ll see the multidimensional shining metallic tint that can literally make you blind. This idea will obviously suit blondes, but girls with warm skin tones and dark hair color hair pull it off, too: just don’t forget about the roots.
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