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Sweet And Gentle Amaranth Pink Hair

Sweet and Gentle Amaranth Pink Hair #pinkhair #wavyhair

Whether you’re a brunette that has bleached your hair to dye it pink or you’re a blonde who has decided to go for the rose side of their natural color, there’s something you all have in common: even the sweetest shade of pink can make your hair weak. In this case, conditioning treatment with oils is crucial. It’s OK to sacrifice something for such a pastel, flower-like amaranth shade, but make sure you know how to go back to the healthy hair condition.
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Sexy Pastel Pink For Darker Hair Colors

Sexy Pastel Pink For Darker Hair Colors #pinkhair #mediumhair

Even though most of the pastel pink hair shades belong to light cuties, nobody says that women with darker hair colors can’t sport it. If you think that soft pink hues will look to drastic, comparing to your warm or medium complexion, here’s a ravishing idea for you: the ends are light, while the base and color on the midway are a bit darkened, which will suit your visible roots and medium or dark skin tone.
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Magical Lavender Shade Of Pink

Magical Lavender Shade Of Pink #pinkhair #ombre

Want to diversify your subtle rose hair color? How about adding some lavender vibes to your base? This shade of pink comes from a violet color family, but it gets on well with all the pastel rose hues. Look how you can mix these matching colors: this soft transition from saturated to light tint is to die for.
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