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Magnificent Queen Pink Shade

Magnificent Queen Pink Shade #pinkhair #mediumhair

Looking for a pastel pink hair color that will scream that you’re a queen? Well, it’s time to become friends with the queen of the pink color palette – the queen pink shade. It’s a whitish tone of pink with platinum hues that create a noble, stately look. Yes, just like that of a real queen.
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Chic Silvery Pink Hair Color

Chic Silvery Pink Hair Color #pinkhair #wavyhair #longhair

The thing all the girls should keep in mind before going pink is that this color won’t stay long with them. It won’t stay for more than two weeks, to be more exact. All these colors need to be updated at least twice a month, so prepare to see your colorist as often as your friends. For example, if you wash your hair more than three times a week, such pastel shades as this silvery pink hair color will wash out fastly. To make it stay a bit longer, avoid over washing, don’t miss the touchups, consider using conditioners for dyed hair, and incorporate dry shampoo in your maintenance routine.
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Champagne Pink Tint

Champagne Pink Tint #pinkhair #bob

Cheers to enviable looks! This champagne pink tint is salvation for those who are afraid of extra bleaching. If you have virgin hair and start with a lighter base, bringing this color to your life won’t be too harmful: a couple levels lighter can be achieved by permanent color with a higher developer. But remember that if your hair has already experienced hair dye, pre-lightening is inevitable. As for this idea, such a soft, pastel color looks perfect on girls with fair skin tone and light hair color.
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