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Glorious Persian Pink Highlights

Glorious Persian Pink Highlights #pinkhair #highlights

There are no pink highlights sexier than these bright, colorful Persian and lavender pink shades paired together. Ladies who want to add some volume and movement to their locks should opt for balayage highlights, and those who want to be in the spotlight should go for this marvelous pink rainbow.
Source: guy_tang via Instagram

Lovely Light Pink Hair Color

Lovely Light Pink Hair Color #pinkhair #layeredhair

Pink isn’t always too obvious! Sometimes a little touch of pink hue can change your hair color, without having a totally pink look. This light pink hair color is a lovely combination of pale blonde and soft pink base that smoothly becomes lighter at the ends to flatter girls with pale complexions.
Source: guy_tang via Instagram

Classy Mountbatten Pink Ombre

Classy Mountbatten Pink Ombre #pinkhair #ombre

Do you want your hair color to display two trends at once? Mountbatten pink is the mixture of the popular baby pink and famous pale grey tint. Together, they form a bit velvet pink shade with a greyish accent. Look at this pastel pink hair ombre: the Mountbatten top softly transits to pale pink waves. Isn’t that a look to steal?
Source: evalam_ via Instagram

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