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Tender Light Pink

Tender Light Pink #pinkhair

Do you know what an adorable look a tanned skin with washed out pink hair can form together? This tender pink hair color is so sweet not for nothing: it follows all the today’s trends and suits any complexion: from pale to dark ones.
Source: shelleygregoryhair via Instagram

Pink Highlights With Dark Roots

Pink Highlights With Dark Roots #pinkhair #highlights

If you’re one of those ladies who think that going for an all-over color is quite a boring thing, here’s an idea that will captivate you! Three matching shades of pink, enhanced by the outstanding dark roots is a combination that will never make you bored.
Source: shelleygregoryhair via Instagram

Peachy Pink

Peachy Pink #pinkhair

You’re already familiar with the hugely popular peachy pink, but this idea is something that can change our image of the trend! This color gets less saturated to the ends, which creates an unbelievable shimmering, whitish silhouette to the pale peachy shade.
Source: castillo_13 via Instagram

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