Platinum Blonde: Trend for a Long Time

Breathtaking Platinum Blonde Ideas To See Before Calling Your Colorist

Platinum blonde is one of the biggest trends in the fashion industry, and not only nowadays, but it has also been popular for ages. That is why it is only natural that many women wish to sport that hair color and are ready to the commitment. But before making a salon appointment, you should know how different this color can be and how to pull it off in a flattering way. Today we’re going to share with you the most iconic, mind-blowing, and simply gorgeous platinum ideas that will inspire you for your trendy color experiments!


Platinum Blonde Dye Variations: Balayage, Highlights, Ombre

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It is easy to say that no matter the efforts and sometimes sacrifices – platinum blonde hair is worth it. But the fact remains that not all the ladies are ready for such dramatic changes. That is why, those of you who are not ready to fully commit can easily try out any of the other available and not less trendy options, such as ombre, balayage blond, highlights, all with the involvement of platinum shades. Take your pick!


Platinum Blonde Hair With Honey Blonde Highlights

If you want a look for platinum blonde hair that is full of depth and dimension, try these light honey blonde highlights on a pale platinum blonde base out. Platinum hair is stunning on its own, but some soft honey hues will give it that extra bit of shine.

Platinum blonde hair is always pretty, but it is twice as striking on long, flowing beach waves. Those blessed with naturally curly tresses can simply spray their wavy locks with a sea salt spray and let it air dry. But don’t fret if you have naturally straight hair. All you need to do is to make soft beachy waves using a medium-barreled curling wand or flat iron. Leave the ends straight to give a more textured look.

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Ash Brown And Platinum Blonde Ombre

Those who prefer a look for platinum blonde that does not require a lot of maintenance or touch-ups will love this pretty ash brown to platinum blonde ombre. The light brown roots are very natural looking, and they slowly fade to a light ash blonde and finally to a light platinum blonde at the ends.

Platinum blonde ombre is very stylish right now, and it looks awesome on this shoulder-length cut with loose waves. Blow dry your hair with a round brush. Use your flat iron or large curling iron to curl ½ to 1-inch sections of your hair to make loose waves that are very Boho chic and feminine.

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Ashy Blonde Balayage

Blending warm and cool tones together is a great way to get a multidimensional look that is full of depth and dimension. If you prefer a platinum blonde balayage over an ombre fade, this platinum ash blonde is so pretty with its blend of light and dark ash blonde shades mixed in with some soft platinum blonde highlights.

We love this look on a cute mid-length bob like the one shown here, but if you prefer long locks, you can always get a platinum blonde weave. But no matter how you style your hair, this balayage blend is full of texture and dimension!

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Salt And Pepper Smokey Platinum Blonde Ombre Fade

Salt and pepper hair is all the rage right now, and this smokey blonde ombre takes it to another level! This look is both edgy and sexy, yet still classy and sophisticated.

Start off with dark gray smokey roots and fade to a silvery platinum blonde hair color that is soft and silky. The colors will melt together perfectly and are full of depth and texture.

This color blend is particularly gorgeous on this inverted lob with soft and romantic waves that are full of volume and movement.

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Platinum Blonde Bob With Pearly Hues

If you love mother-of-pearl, you will flip for this gorgeous iridescent platinum blonde. The buttery blonde blend of pearly platinum blonde hues with light golden blonde tones to form a sultry, silky shade of blonde that will make you feel like a movie star.

A platinum blonde bob with soft, romantic waves like this one is a great way to show off your pearly blonde tresses. Your admirers will burst with envy when you walk in the room.

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Icy Blonde With Dark Blonde Roots

Icy blonde hair is so stunning that you can’t go wrong with this dark blonde and icy platinum blonde blend. Platinum blonde with dark roots is an ideal look for those who don’t have time for touch-ups. Platinum blonde hair requires a lot of upkeep, but if you don’t want to be bothered with frequent trips to the salon or at-home touch-ups, dark roots are the answer.

This shoulder-length wavy cut is very glamorous with its deep part and side-swept long fringe that adds volume and movement. Blow dry your hair with a paddle brush for some more fullness and make big waves to add some bounce to your silky blonde locks.

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Golden Platinum Blonde Hair With Blonde Lowlights

Those who prefer dark platinum hues will love this golden platinum blonde shade that will shimmer like gold in the sun. Ask for a deep golden platinum blonde with lowlights to add multi-tonal hues that are the perfect blend of warm and cool tones. This look is ideal for winter or autumn as it resembles a golden champagne blonde that looks surprisingly natural.

We love this sexy hairstyle with big, bouncy waves that fall over the eyes. Make big loose waves with a large curling iron and allow them to fall carelessly around down over your face for a seductive look that will drive men wild.

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Platinum Buttery Blonde Highlights

This look for long platinum blonde hair is just breathtaking. Long, sensual beach waves are all the rage and what better way to show them off than with gorgeous platinum blonde highlights.

Keep your roots and base a dark shade of ash blonde and go heavy on chunky pale platinum blonde highlights throughout. Let your long wavy tresses fall into wild and carefree beach waves that will make you look and feel like a sea goddess! This look calls for natural makeup and pale pink matte lips for a sexy vibe with a hint of innocence.

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Icy Silver And Dark Ash Blonde Platinum Streaks

If your hair is naturally dark blonde, you can add some silvery platinum blonde hair color to give it a multidimensional flow that is out of this world gorgeous! Start off with a dark ash blonde base and then ask your stylist for icy platinum silver streaks to give it a striking blend of blonde balayage hues!

Platinum highlights on blonde hair is the perfect solution if you don’t want to dye your whole head platinum blonde. Moreover, it adds so much texture and depth that you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it sooner!

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Platinum Blonde With Golden Honey Highlights And Dark Roots

Another great look for those who don’t mind keeping their dark roots is this captivating buttery platinum blonde with honey highlights that look like golden ribbons. Platinum blonde hair with dark roots is easy to maintain as you can just let your roots grow out and wait a bit longer between touch-ups.

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Long Platinum Blonde Hair

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We have collected several options of platinum blonde for long hair. Here we present the best color options for long hair. Just use your imagination, and you'll see how gorgeous you will look with platinum blonde.

Platinum Blonde Ideas

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As you can see, a platinum blonde color has several variations. It can go ashy or have pink undertones. So, if you decide to dye your hair platinum blonde, you have a large selection.

Ask for thin ribbons of golden honey blonde mixed in with a pale platinum blonde base and natural roots. The final look will have so much depth and dimension that people will think you spent a fortune on your hair!