Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Going Blonde Platinum Hair

Blonde Platinum Hair: Embrace The Glam

A platinum hair color is literally the lightest among all the other blonde hues. The great news is that such hair shades will compliment any eye color and fair to medium complexion. Plus, you can opt for platinum disregarding your age and hair length.


And in case you still wonder why it has remained popular for so much time, just think about it. Platinum shades are reminiscent of that so epic Hollywood glam. Yet, there is something laidback about it, barely noticeable but present, which makes these hair hues more versatile than they may seem. And the more versatile, the more popular.

Explore our photo gallery featuring the trendiest platinum shades and pick the one that flatters you most.

Platinum Blonde Hair Color

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The process of going platinum involves several stages. After bleaching, you will need to get rid of yellow undertones. To do that, you should use special toner or purple shampoo. In severe cases, blue or purple dye will be required, too. Only then you will dye the tresses to get the hue you wish. And if your current color is not fair, it may take you up to half a year to turn platinum blonde. So, be patient and interchange dye jobs with deep treatments. But even though the process is complicated, once you get there, your hair will appear just perfect!

Considering that a platinum blonde hair color is very light. What does it mean? It means that it is stripped of any color. But this color does involve undertones, they are icy blonde, natural platinum, smokey blue, platinum silver, and platinum highlights.


Platinum Silver Hair Color

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Here you can observe amazing examples of a platinum silver hair color. Its beauty is cool and alluring, and many women consider these to be reasons for getting the full bleach job. Plus, silver is quite futuristic, and all futuristic is trendy right now.


Platinum Blonde Natural Hair Ombre

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These are platinum blonde natural variations. Although in its essence platinum blonde is far from being natural unless we are talking about albinism, these hair hues are closest to what we can call natural. This effect is achieved with darker, as if outgrown, roots.


Platinum Blonde Highlights

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Adding highlights always provides movement to hair, and there is no exception when it comes to platinum, that is, to adding platinum blonde highlights. You will get an effect of twinkling stars and also hide the fineness of your hair.


Platinum Balayage

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Grey highlights will look great whether you wear your hair loose or up in a bun. Your hairstyle will gain more body and look as if it had bleached in the sun. This color solution will appear even more winning against tanned skin.

Winter White Platinum Blonde Hair

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If you have already become a happy owner of a winter white hair color, do not forget that it requires additional care. Use a shampoo for a cold shade of blonde and conditioner of the corresponding series to keep your noble royal shade longer!

Icy California Platinum Hair

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If the usual white blonde is not enough for you, Icy California - this is what you need! Ask your stylist to make a blue or purple accent at the root with a further stretch to the length and be sure that you are the owner of the most unusual hair color among all your acquaintances!