Update Your Stylish Look with Incredibly Trendy Reverse Ombre

Ombre hair has been in fashion for years now. Though its popularity decreased somehow, the style does not seem to go out of style. However, the related trend is gaining popularity of the speed of light. Do you know what that style is? It is a reverse ombre trend, of course! Today we will discuss the new hair fashion stream in detail so that your next visit to the salon will result in an utterly dramatic style change!


FAQ: Reverse Ombre Hair

Unlike with Ombre Hair, there are many unanswered questions about reverse ombre. It is time you learn them all!

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What is reverse ombre called?

It does not take the genius to guess that reverse ombre hair is closely related to regular ombre. However, while the latter features the transition from dark to light, the former is the opposite. No matter the shades you prefer, the dark will always remain at the bottom while the lighter will occupy the top of your hair.

Is reverse ombre in style?

When you know about what reverse ombre hair color represents, it’s vital to know if it is in style today. The fact is that due to its versatility, reverse ombre is getting to the top of all hair fashion charts at the speed of light. It is time you consider this utterly stylish upgrade. We promise to provide you with enough inspo to make up your mind in an instant!

How to do reverse ombre hair – Pro Guidelines

In case you wonder how to do reverse ombre hair at home, the style is not that complex to succeed with in the safety of your house. However, there is a list of things to keep in mind:

  1. Find the darker shade you would like to experiment with and get the dyeing set
  2. Divide your hair into three: ends, middle part, and top
  3. Dye the ends first, leave the hair dye on the longest possible, then wash it off
  4. Apply the hair dye to the middle section of your hair, leave the hair dye on for half the time you spent on the ends
  5. Leave the top the way it is
  6. Done!


Reverse Blonde Ombre Hair Styles

Blondes rule the world! Just kidding, but if you are a blonde, these reverse ombre ideas may interest you and spice up a potential image change!

Reverse Ombre Hair Blonde To Brown

Credit photo: instagram.com/matusz_hair

When it comes to contrasting shades, black is always opposed to white. However, brown ombre hair is a lot more intricate to look at, let alone that it is less wide-spread. If you are looking for a classy look with a few rivals – blonde to brown transition is the one to consider.


Strawberry Blonde Reverse Ombre

Credit photo: instagram.com/silastylist

Ombre Hairstyles for Long Hair are unique and mesmerizing no matter the variation you take. However, when you are looking for a special mix without taking it too far, a strawberry blonde mixed with chocolate and mahogany shades is your number one choice.

Credit photo: instagram.com/mollypoolstylist

Reverse Red Ombre Hair With Blonde Top

Credit photo: instagram.com/tjbrockinhair

When mahogany is not bright enough for you, red ombre hair comes into play. Wine red hues combined with darker colors look reserved and subtle, but things change dramatically when the platinum blonde comes in. Despite the contrast, the transition feels smooth and gentle.

Credit photo: instagram.com/mollygoliightly


Mermaid Style With Blue And Blonde Reverse Ombre

Credit photo: instagram.com/hairbyjlloyd

Let's not forget about the recent mermaid hair trends. Whether these are blues, pinks, or purples, a reversed ombre helps them acquire a fresh taste. To increase the vibrancy and emphasize the contrast, it is advised to match mermaid hair with silver-blonde tones.

Credit photo: instagram.com/hairbyjlloyd

Reverse Ombre Brown Hair

Natural looks are all the rage these days, and the trend hasn't escaped hair fashion too.

Brown Hair: Reverse Ombre Hair Light to Dark

Credit photo: instagram.com/lindsay_nicole_hair

At times experimenting with two tones of the same shade may be even more exciting than playing around with the opposites. Gorgeous mocha brown transitioning into darker ends is so tasteful and magnificent that it is hard to take the eyes off.

Credit photo: instagram.com/ggabrielle.maee


Brown And Black Hues

Credit photo: instagram.com/ksaniaksania

Contrasting shades do not turn on every lady equally. In times like this, creating the opposition between two darker hues is a possibility within your grasp. You should not dismiss the black ombre hair until you see how adorable it looks when combined with brown tones.

Credit photo: instagram.com/hairbylinarose

Reverse Fire Ombre Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/hairbyjlloyd

Ombre short hair is often underestimated due to the lack of canvas to experiment with. However, if you are bold enough to put on fiery hues or adopt the pink ombre hair, it shouldn't be challenging to create a look that is utterly unique and up-to-date. As long as your vibrant hair spikes your mood up – you have made the right choice!

Credit photo: instagram.com/versal_bratislavskaya

Reverse Purple Ombre

Credit photo: instagram.com/steph.p.hair

Purple ombre hair won over the hair fashion long ago. However, this season has brought in something entirely new and exciting to the play. The melting transition from light lilac to iris deep purple is outstanding. Nevertheless, the transition's uniqueness cannot affect the breath-taking effect that the look will have on anyone on the way.

Credit photo: instagram.com/tjbrockinhair Credit photo: instagram.com/beautybymdeloso


Extra Bright Ideas With Black And Colorful Ombre Reverse Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/thaliaayoub

Billie Eilish discovered the rebellious effects of neon green ombre hair, but other extra bright tones are waiting for adaptation. It may seem that copper to black transition is utterly casual until you see it in real life. While sea-blue to black will take you to the depths, you couldn't have imagined conquering. It's all about the limits and your will to discover new horizons.

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