You should definitely try green ombre hair if you love experimenting! It looks extraordinary and charming when combined with dark hair and fair complexion. But it does not mean that your stylist can’t help you if your hair is light and you like getting tan. There are green shades that will work you, too!


Bright Green Ombre

Green Hair with Blue and Purple Highlights
by @hairbybiancarose
Bright Green Ombre picture3
by @ms_robinita

A bright green hair color can be combined with yellow, lime, and mint. These hues will give your hair style even more juiciness.


Green Two Toned Ombre

Neon Green and Purple Ombre Hair
by @hairbybiancarose
Green Two Toned Ombre picture1
by @amythemermaidx

Green hair is spectacular on its own, but if you add some pink hues, the result will be mesmerizing!

Amazing Green Ombre on Long Hair

Amazing Green Ombre on Long Hair picture1
by @hollis_king
Amazing Green Ombre on Long Hair picture2
by @nealmhair

For those ladies who are fond of bright colors pink ombre hair can be the alternative if green is not your shade. Pink hues never go out of fashion when it comes to hair.


Beautiful Green Ombre on Bob Haircuts

Beautiful Green Ombre on Bob Haircuts picture2
by @kylierose_hairartist
Beautiful Green Ombre on Bob Haircuts picture3
by @deathbycouture

There are many options for women now from brown ombre hair to rainbow and pastel shades. And the most important thing is that you can choose whatever you like with the least damage to your hair.

Inspirational Green Ombre Hair

Inspirational Green Ombre Hair picture1
by @isaac4mayor
Inspirational Green Ombre Hair picture3
by @hairbyfranco

There are few things you need to consider before going green ombre. Choosing the right shade is one of them. Always take into account your skin tone when picking the next hair shade.


Pastel Green Ombre Hair Ideas

Pastel Green Ombre Hair Ideas picture1
by @kylierose_hairartist
Pastel Green Ombre Hair Ideas picture2
by @ohmeemster_hair
Pastel Green Ombre Hair Ideas picture3
by @vanessastylesyou

Never underestimate what your stylist tells you. A piece of advice from a trusted source will never be wasted! Just make sure that your stylist has that valuable experience.

Juicy Green Strands of Hair

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Juicy Green Strands of Hair picture3
by @presleypoe

Green hair is for those who like to stand out from the crowd. This shade will certainly draw much attention to you, so be ready to receive many compliments from guys wherever you go!

Dark Green Hair

Dark Green Hair picture2
by @ms_robinita

A dark green hair color like deep emerald can be completed with bright strands but, of course, it always looks amazing!


Peek-a-Boo Ombre with Green Color

Peek-a-Boo Ombre with Green Color picture2
by @curtiscolorshair

If you are bold enough to pull off multi-tonal hair, then you should definitely go for it! What are you waiting for?

Brunette To Green Ombre Hair

Side Parted Brunette To Green Ombre Hair #greenombrehair #ombrehair #haircolor
by @hairbyowlz
Layered Brunette To Green Ombre Hair #greenombrehair #ombrehair #haircolor
by @xostylistxo

Imagine green rhinestones falling deep into the dimensional beauty of a profound sea, becoming one with rich marine colors. Now, imagine what a great visual impact you will create once you let your brunette hair reflect such shades!

FAQ: Green Ombre Hair

What color does green hair fade to?

Red is the polar opposite of green. Thus, applying red dye to green hair will make the green disappear. Any red (including pink and purple) dye that does not contain hydrogen peroxide or ammonia can be used to safely remove the green tint. If you use red dye on blue or teal hair, you might get a brownish color.

How long does it take for green hair dye to fade?

Your hair color will fade in 10 days if you wash your hair twice a day and your dye is semi-permanent and designed to withstand 20 washes. Your green tone will have disappeared in 2 weeks provided that you wash your hair once a day and the dye lasts around 15 washes.

Can I dye my hair green without bleaching it?

You should be able to color your hair without bleach if you’re just changing the tone without lightening it. If you’ve never dyed your hair before, you can also go 1-2 shades lighter without bleach.