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Platinum Blonde Highlights

Platinum Blonde Highlights

If you are skeptical about going ‘all platinum’, then you can always opt for getting just platinum blonde highlights for your dirty blonde hair. Take alternate strands of hair and use a platinum silver hair color on them to get the mesmerizing layers of color in your hair. Add some darker brown lowlights to give the hair a 3D appearance. You can enjoy the coolness of the platinum color and the warmth of your natural hair color at the same time with this hair.

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Platinum Hair Color For Black Hair

Platinum Hair Color For Black Hair #blondehair #brunette

Getting platinum hair color for black hair is not an easy task, but nonetheless, it is an achievable task when you have a good hairstylist and you maintain your hair after all the bleaching sessions. Depending on whether you have dyed your hair in the past, you may need 2-3 sessions of bleaching to get an even distribution of the platinum color. Maintenance with deep conditioning treatments will help to keep your hair soft. For added volume, use a platinum blonde weave and style your hair to appear as luscious locks of molten silver.

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