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Bob With Elegant Headband

Bob With Elegant Headband #hairstylesforwomenover50

Adding some embellishments to your natural accessory won’t hurt. Moreover, creating a combo with a hairdo and a hair accessory is a unique way to add more character to your look. And last but not least, your short hairstyle will be secured all day long, so you can forget about countless touch-ups.
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Messy Side-Swept Bob

Messy Side Styling Bob #bob #hairstylesforwomenover50

Messy hairstyles, whatever they are, bring a youthful look and a carefree mood at the same time. Such ideas have countless benefits for older women, and tons of volume achieved by simple tousling is probably the first one. Having a good quality salt spray in your styling arsenal is enough to rock this look from time to time. Or on a daily basis, if it appeals to you!
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Shaggy Pixie Style

Shaggy Pixie Style #pixie #hairstylesforwomenover50

Shaggy pixie can be different; as different as you want them to be. This idea, for example, is the sassiest, the shortest shaggy pixie ever. Nevertheless, the movement created by lively layers is enough to add a chic modern twist to the style.
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