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Pixie With Brushed Up Bangs

Brushed Up Bang Pixie #pixie #hairstylesforwomenover50

Even with the shortest variation of bangs, nothing can stop you from playing around with styling options for them. When wearing a short pixie with a fringe, for instance, you can rock the latter straight or textured and keep it down or up. And here you can see what a dramatic and sexy look you can get once you brush your bangs up.
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Soft Layers On Medium Bob

Soft Layers Medium Bob #bob #hairstylesforwomenover50

Since layers can be customized based on your needs, you can get a subtle layered finish if you’re not into drastic looks. To achieve such a soft, gentle effect, you will need to ask your hairstylist to lighten up the ends, working with thick strands. In this way, you will only have some organic movement on the bottom, which is enough to enhance your look.
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There you have it… our favorite sassy, sophisticated and classic short hairstyles for women over 50. Find the look that works best for your facial features and personality! Be daring and rock your shorter haircut with a style and flair!

As a rule, older women seem to follow an unwritten set of rules for short hairstyles once they are older than 50. If you prefer a look that is elegant and sophisticated, you can brush your locks back so you can open your face. Shaggy haircuts look awkward and sloppy on older women. Bangs are acceptable, especially if they make your face look younger. However, you should keep them trimmed and perhaps style them to one side not to completely cover your forehead. If you dye your hair, you should opt for lighter hues which can also help you seem years younger. A lot of women can pull off silver hair if it is styled properly. However, if you are not one of these lucky few, you should opt for soft blonde highlights.

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