By: | Updated: 10/02/2018

Skin Fade Haircut Is The Best Finish For Popular Men’s Cuts

The on-trend skin fade haircuts have many names, variations, and approaches. Some barbers may call it bald fade or zero fade to make it clear to a customer who is about to spice up his haircut in a fresh and trendy way.

As one of the most requested types of taper fade, the manful cut usually comes as finishing touch to popular modern men’s haircuts such as pompadour, quiff, undercut, mohawk, and crew cut that feature visible length contrasts with short sides and longer hair on top.

For all men who want to make their looks more distinctive and masculine, we’ve prepared the most iconic zero fade ideas that perfectly fit in the today’s men’s fashion. See how to get the cut, get to know its variations, and get inspired for your next barbershop appointment.

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